In Hines We Trust! Play Your Cards Right – Episode 1.

Play Your Cards Right. Episode 1. “S2 In Hines We Trust!”

Play Your Cards Right. Episode 1. “S2 In Hines We Trust!”
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Season 1 Offseason & Season 2 Preseason Highlight Recap!!!
GOOSENECKxGAMER checking in with you. We just finished all of our off-season moves, trades, signing and lastly drafting our rookies. Now with the PreSeason behind us we give you highlight footage from you PML Arizona Cardinals being led by your User and Coach, Klvff Goosebxry.

The “Play Your Cards Right” Series.
This series is meant to follow the in game highlights of the Arizona Cardinals in the Premier Madden League. Through 5 in game seasons our user, GOOSENECKxGAMER, takes control of these amazing athletes to compete. The clips come straight for the live game of these PvP matchups in the number 1 connected franchise in the Madden Community. PML was voted number 1 Connected Franchise M20 cycle.

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