Who’s Going Where? Mock Team Selections for Madden 22 (AFC West)

This is a mock team selection list for Madden 22. JT may or may not have been involved in this process. These are simply predictions… maybe… sorta… Read more below.

AFC West
KC – Curt
Curt is back in the fold and will have a team that fits his passing style. This coach is infamously known for the “Curt Rule” which regresses quarterbacks who have a ridiculous number of interceptions. He won’t want or need to push the envelope with a sure to be 99 Overall Patrick Mahomes. This team in Curt’s hands should be a problem and be in the running for deep playoff runs each season.

LAC – Bacon
Bacon gets the Chargers and Joey Bosa. Known for his defensive concepts, most notably his Cover 2, Bacon will have this team rolling from the jump. The pressure of being the Madden cover athlete proved to be a little too much for this PML vet. I think with the Chargers he will have the talent and the anonymity that he thrives in. Maybe he will get bac-on the winning track in the post season :-/

LV – Zstar
Zstar gets his wish granted and takes over the Raiders franchise. After an impressive run with the Vikings in Madden 21, Z gets another team that some will say is already built for success. This well-balanced coach will have the Raiders rolling from day one and will be one of the shining stars in this highly competitive division.

DEN – Drama
Dramaman heads to Denver in Madden 22. He is well acquainted with Bacon, his old division mate, but now he will have to also deal with Zstar and Curt. Drama is known for his boisterous claims that typically don’t hold much water. If he is able to thrive in this division with this particular team, Drama’s claims of being a top 10 PML Madden coach will be substantiated.

KMFO’s reponse
Let’s actually have a great AFC west. This division in the real NFL is set up to be an exciting and high powered offensive division for many years, so let’s replicate that in PML. I feel at least 3 if not all 4 of these teams could realistically compete for the division each year.

AFC West
KC – jcclutch
How about lets give Mahomes a user that will keep his X Factor throughout the entire cycle? Jcclutch is a good user that can be a playoff contender with a good team, but give this man the Chiefs and all of a sudden he can contend for the Super Bowl right off the bat. With a roster loaded with OP madden players and real life superstars, it’d be nice to see some of these guys actually be that way in PML too. Let’s see an offense in PML where Tyreek Hill and Kelce are actually feared, and Mahomes is throwing more TDs than interceptions.

LAC – Queso
After spending an entire cycle in 2 different leagues with Daniel Jones as his QB, Que has done his time in the purgatory of QB mediocrity long enough. Let’s give this man one of the best young QBs in the game leading an above average squad. With Que’s user skills, he can definitely contend with the Chargers and he will have Herbert become one of the highest rated QBs in PML by the second or third season.

LV – Devoo
He inherited a Saints squad that had very little to no speed on it halfway through the PML cycle this madden, so maybe a little bit of Henry Ruggs can change this man’s success. Detroo also showed he can dominate with a RB that doesn’t have great speed (Kamara) so I think he’ll be able to get more out of Josh Jacobs than most users. With Waller and Ruggs, and a young fast defense, Detroo should be able to win games in this AFC west.

DEN – Goose
A content point machine and a great GM with tremendous coaching abilities, Goose is perfect for the Broncos. This is a young team loaded with weapons under 25, all he needs to do is find a QB. Goose should be able to have these Broncos showcasing one of the best offenses by season 2 or 3 when he finds his QB to lead them. This defense can be elite too, with Von Miller having started least 2 dominant madden seasons left and a young talented secondary with the Justin Simmons and Patrick Surtain II.