Who’s Going Where? Mock Team Selections for Madden 22 (NFC WEST)

This is a mock team selection list for Madden 22. JT may or may not have been involved in this process. These are simply predictions… maybe… sorta… Read more below.

NFC West

AZ – Goose

Goose is back in Glendale. My PML family knows I have a lot of respect for Goose’s game. I think in cycle 3 we will see the Cardinals take another step into playoff success. With familiarity with this organization, I look for Goose to not only make the playoffs, but win multiple division titles and playoff games. Book it.


SEA – Jclutch

Clutch goes from one Hall of Fame quarterback to another when he inherits this west coast team. Seattle will be a good hands here and will make runs at winning the division. As far as winning the ring, probably not. This team will be a hard out though. Russ and DK are in good hands.


LAR – Que

There is only one man who can break the curse of the PML Rams franchise and that is the man who started it! Que heads back to LA and takes over for the team he originally joined PML with. Look for Que to not only break the curse but find big success with this team. Known for his defense, he will inherit 2 of big time players he can utilize for pretty much the entire cycle. Salary cap will be somewhat of an issue. Que will need to be able to navigate that in order for true success.


SF – Cammy

Cammy heads to the Bay Area and takes over the historic 49er franchise. We have seen what he can do with an elite TE in Waller, now he gets his hands on Kittle along with a rookie QB. Cammy has no issues with flinging the rock around the field and on next gen may find big success at doing so.



KMFO Response:

The NFC West has some very powerful teams so it will be nice to use these great rosters to boost some of our middle tier users into Super Bowl contenders.


NFC West

AZ – Noble

Noble is probably the best passer of all the middle-tier users. He hasn’t had a QB all cycle in madden 21 but I saw first hand what kind of damage he could do with a QB in my other league where Noble has Deshaun Watson and was balling against other top PML guys. Noble isn’t a great GM. He isn’t even a good DM to be honest, he hasn’t shown the ability to acquire and develop new talent in the draft and free agency like some other guys can, so being the Cardinals takes care of that for him. All Noble has to do is play good football and all of the young and fast players he needs are already there on the roster and will develop over time. This is a great fit with Murray in mind too because Kyler will become a top PML QB statistically every season with Noble as his coach.


SEA – King Mike

Mike suffered in madden 21 in the toughest division with the 3rd best roster. That doesn’t do him justice because he can really contend for a super bowl every season with the right squad and in a division without a tier 1 user. I think that the Seahawks in this division is perfect. He inherits a defense with a some serious superstars and an offense with a great QB and receiver combo. There are some holes on this team, they need an OL and pass rushers. But King Mike also has proven to be a very good GM and developer of talent. So he will be able to solidify this roster and build them around their superstars already on the team, while he also will make sure Russell Wilson and Metcalf don’t go under utilized for another PML cycle.


LAR – Drama

He can compete for the division here, but with the Rams I don’t think he will be making a deep playoff run if he does win a division. However, the Rams come with a good receiving core, a solid QB with a strong arm, and 2 of the most OP defensive players in the game. I think Drama can definitely work with the pieces on this roster to develop a good team and win games in this division.


SF – Arod

Arod’s success in the AFC North this cycle has been based around playing good defense and having an effective run game. With the 49ers, I think Arod becomes a definite playoff contender because they’re perfect to build a rushing offense around and they also have one of the game’s best defenses to start with. So I think Arod can win a lot of games with this defense and he’ll effectively use Kittle in his offense along with Mostert. Hopefully he’ll be able to develop Lance along the way as well.