This is a mock team selection list for Madden 22. JT may or may not have been involved in this process. These are simply predictions… maybe… sorta… Read more below.

AFC North

PIT – Burn

In Madden 21 Burn showed his GM skills as he managed the crazy situation the Eagles found themselves in. Madden 22 should be a little easier to manage front office wise as Burn will take over a team that historically has been ran at an optimal level. Burn’s classic playstyle and deliberate approach will fit well in Pittsburg. Look for him to possibly win some division titles in the AFC North


BAL – MikeD

MikeD took over the cursed Rams and did a pretty good job keeping the ship afloat. His dedication to that franchise and producing quality content gets him rewarded with one of the top tier teams. I am excited to see what Mike will do with this squad. We saw some flashes of high level play from this coach. He will now have a team with a ton of talent. Lets see if Mike D can content for division titles?



HD stays at home for his 3rd cycle with his favorite team. The Browns continue to be a top Madden squad. In Madden 22 they look to be even better. HD will have yet another chance to see if he can get his team over the hump and headed towards consistency. HD knows this team inside and out. This may be his first cycle to win a division championship.


CIN – Nef

Nef is one of the hardest workers in PML and will have a very young and talented team. Nef is known for recreating legends of team’s past. Will Joe Burrow be the next Boomer Esiason, will Nef create Chad Johnson or Cris Collinsworth? Who will be his Anthony Munoz? The biggest question of them all though is; will Nef compete for division titles in the AFC North?


KMFO’s Response

The division that’s bound to only send 1 team to the playoffs each season. But that’s okay, I think this could still be a fun division where all 4 of these guys can compete well against one another.



AFC North

PIT – Nef

Steelers have one of the best defenses in the game, loaded with young superstars. That’ll automatically help Nef be competitive off the bat. Offensively, there are no current OP superstars for Nef to regress into mediocrity, so that’s a plus. And Nef likes to build and develop his own players he drafts, so it’s a good opportunity for him to build himself an offense to his liking. Even if he decides to stick it out with Najee Harris and turn him into the modern-day Jerome Bettis.



There aren’t a ton of users who won’t be shit on and called “cheesy” for using Lamar the way he should be used, and CEO is one of those guys that people won’t have a problem with. The film study and preparation as a user is there for CEO, and he can contend for the playoffs and maybe even make a super bowl if he has a great team, so let’s give him a great team. I think having the Ravens puts CEO into the playoff race and makes him relevant every season, and I also think he will get a lot out of Lamar so that he doesn’t regress during the cycle.


CLE – Masterofnone

After getting stuck with the worst madden 21 roster in the toughest division in PML, this man deserves a fuckin break. He is a better user than his record indicates each season, and he can definitely contend if he isn’t being beat up by the top users in the league with far superior rosters. He also has shown he can run the ball very well with how he has used Jemar Jefferson. So let’s give Nick Chubb a user that will utilize him the way he should be as one of the best madden RBs in the game. With Baker, Chubb, Odell, and that Browns defense, I think Masterofnone will go toe to toe with CEO every season for the division title and can do a lot of damage in the playoffs if he gets there.


CIN – Mali

Mali has struggled to finish above .500 in the worst division in the madden 21 cycle even though he started out with the best roster in that division. Mali is a really cool guy and is good enough to win games and be competitive against half the league, but he isn’t going to contend for a super bowl regardless of what team he has. At least with the Bengals he will have an elite RB in madden, and also a very young and talented receiving core with Burrow at QB. He is a good GM so I see him building up that defense. In this division, I think Mali will have the weapons to be competitive and win some games. But I didn’t want to waste one of the best teams in the game on a guy that won’t have them competing for a super bowl anyways.