This is a mock team selection list for Madden 22. JT may or may not have been involved in this process. These are simply predictions… maybe… sorta… Read more below.

NFC North

GB – Dlloyd

Dlloyd had an amazing Madden 21 cycle and he is rewarded with the Green Bay Packers and a loaded division! He will have to deal with KMFO, Mole, and CEO along with a Packers team that may not have one of the best Quarterbacks in the game. If they manage to keep Aaron Rogers, Dlloyd will have a shot at the division from day one. In the case they don’t… Well Dlloyd will be positive about the situation no matter what!


MIN – Mole

Guess who’s back! The one and only Mole! Depending on when he takes his first loss may be how long we can predict him staying in the league. As long as he is here though we know he rises to one of if not the best coach in our league. He will have had the game for a few months and be able to start off in the front. Once we catch up though we’ll probably be in need of a new owner…



PML’s top dog is headed to the hood. After being gifted a solid Buffalo Bills team when he joined the league, KMFO will now have to start from the bottom and rebuild a team from almost scratch. The Lions will be a powerhouse team not from talent but from its coach. By season 3 look for them to be in the conversation for Super Bowls (yup, plural).



CEO has never ran from the smoke. He will be in the middle of the fire again for Madden 22 as he will be the coach of the Chicago Bears in a division that has KMFO, Mole, and Dlloyd. If anyone can stand the force of dominant coaches its CEO. He also has a team with some young pieces that can be built up for success. CEO will make the playoffs and have a shot at some division titles early in the cycle.


KMFO’s Response:

The NFC’s best division, this is the cream of the crop duking it out all season long. This should give the league a ton of great football to watch almost every week. 3 or 4 should be making the playoffs every season


NFC North

GB – Fallen

Fallen is a good user, but in this division he probably is the 4th best. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough to be a playoff contender every season, and with a squad like the Packers and that crazy defense, he can really contend for the division title and beat any of these guys. Especially in the first 2 seasons while Mike and Nat are still building their rosters and Wimmy is trying to find a QB answer.


MIN – Wimmy

Wimmy has shown what damage he can do with a top RB with Ekler this cycle. Wimmy also plays great defense and has a formidable passing attack. With Wimmy at the helm of the Vikings, you can bet that Dalvin Cook will be every bit as good in PML as he is in the real NFL. He will also maximize the potential of Jefferson at receiver and dominate opponents with this Vikings front 7.


DET – Natural

Nat and Hypemike are practically even in my opinion when it comes to coaching. However, Nat’s content and GM ability make him a better fit for the Lions because he’ll have this roster looking like Cookie has the Lions look this cycle. Nat can contend for a super bowl with any team, but these Lions will look deadly by season 2 or 3


CHI – Hypemike

One of the top users in the entire league, he did a great job with developing Herbert this cycle. I think this is a perfect fit for Mike because he’ll have Justin Fields looking like an elite QB from the start, but the Bears also have enough holes on offense and defense to make it a challenge for him and leave the door open to the division title for everyone else in the division. Outside of Robinson, Mack, and Roquan Smith, there really isn’t that much talent on this roster. That won’t stop Mike from being a super bowl contender but it’ll make games interesting.