Who’s Going Where? Mock Team Selections for Madden 22 (AFC East)

This is a mock team selection list for Madden 22. JT may or may not have been involved in this process. These are simply predictions… maybe… sorta… Read more below.


AFC East

NE – Noble

Madden 21 was not a good cycle for PML’s future MLB outfielder. Noble will now head the AFC East and take over the Patriots. This team will be in win now mode for the first couple of seasons and will need some solid GM moves in order to stay competitive. Noble will need to lock in to get back to his top 10 status in PML. I think he is up for it and we will see the Patriots have success in Madden 22. However, this division is loaded with coaching talent, so if Noble doesn’t/isn’t able to play to his talent it might not go to well next cycle.


MIA – Pappagreeny

Pappagreeny stays in the AFC. He heads to Miami to take over a young and talented team. Pappa will have plenty of pieces to build around and a quarterback to lead the way. Greeny made it work with Jamies Winston, now he will have Tua and plenty of speedy weapons to get the ball too. This division has a ton of coaching talent. Pappagrenny will have his work cut out for him. A division title will be a surprise, but not unheard of from this talented PML coach.


NYJ – Cookie

Cook is one of if not the best team builder in PML. Well, he gets another project to turn around. The New York Jets will be another test for coach Cook. He is known to be very active in the trading and is not scared to make a big splash to bring in marquee talent. It will be interesting to see how Cook flips this team and so they can eventually make a run at the Super Bowl.


BUF – Bubba

Bubba got his team back and its well deserved. One of, if not the only person to ever believe in Josh Allen, now gets to use him on the virtual field as an inevitable superstar. Bubba can tell you absolutely everything about his team. This team will be a problem again in Madden 22, but will they be able to live up to the success of the Madden 21 KMFO led organization? Maybe not, but Bubba will still be a huge threat to deal with all cycle long.




KMFO’s Response

A solid division that should produce a serious SB contender every season and a tough fight for sending at least 2 to the playoffs



AFC East

NE – Burn

After spending a cycle in salary cap hell with the Eagles, let’s give this man a break with the Patriots who have one of the best cap situations in the game. With a rookie QB and some offensive weapons and a solid OL, Burn can win some games here. Especially with one of the best secondaries in the game.


MIA – Dlloyd

The Dolphins are a madden team with a ton of potential because of how many draft picks they should have. There aren’t many people better to give all that draft capital to than DLloyd. I think with him as the GM, the Dolphins will rightfully becomes a very good team with a strong roster by season 2 or 3. DLloyd has shown he can win a ton of games with a good roster, so I expect him to become a contender by season 2 here.


NYJ – Cookie

Cookie is a great passer, one of the best in the league, and he has the GM skills and content development to turn the Jets into a great team pretty quickly. It would be great to give Zach Wilson to somebody that will turn him into an elite QB instead of wasting this rookie QB that’ll likely have some great starting ratings in madden. Cookie should have the Jets ready to compete for a Super Bowl by year 2.


BUF – Bubba

He fuckin deserves this. The Bills have the best fan base in the NFL so the PML Bills deserves to have a member of Bills Mafia leading them to glory. Bubba is a solid user that has shown he can be a playoff contender this cycle. If you give this man a great team though (like the madden 22 Bills are bound to be) then Bubba goes from playoff contender to super bowl contender, and the league is more fun when more guys have a realistic shot at a Lombardi Trophy.