Who’s Going Where? Mock Team Selections for Madden 22 (NFC East)

This is a mock team selection list for Madden 22. JT may or may not have been involved in this process. These are simply predictions… maybe… sorta… Read more below.


NFC East


JP lands in Philly to see if he can rebuild this storied franchise. Will he stick with Jalen Hurt as his QB? How will he manage the cap situation? Most importantly, what marquee player will he trade away to one of our top dog coaches?? Just kidding. JP will take this team and have a shot at winning the division.


DAL – Antdog

Ant in Dallas is such a good look. He runs a conservative style of offense and will be able to shine with this squad. Dak Prescott has enough mobility to get outside the pocket and make plays. Antdog will also be able to lean on Zeke all cycle. If this division hold up I can see Antdog winning multiple division titles. He may even knock a playoff win or two under his belt.


WAS – Mali

Mali goes to DC to try and build a Football Team. This coach is not really known as a big contender in PML, but plays all his opponents tough. By being placed in the NFC East with the Football Team he will be in a situation where he can be an underdog and play spoiler all cycle long.


NYG – Arod

Arod gets one of the best running backs in the game. This will be a problem for his division mates. When Arod can establish success on the ground he is a very tough opponent to beat. Look for Arod to push Saquon to the limit and get suspended atleast once next cycle for over usage. I can see this coach winning the division once or twice as well.



KMFO’s Response:

The division without a great madden QB. There aren’t any tier 1 users in this division, but at least 2 guys should be serious contenders for the title here and can make noise in the playoffs.


NFC East


He should be able to have fun developing DeVonta Smith into a top PML WR like he did with Jarvis Landry his cycle. He has shown the ability to have an explosive passing game featuring a wideout that doesn’t have elite speed, so this is a good fit. With his content, he can definitely develop this roster well. They have some good pieces on defense to build around already. The big question is at QB, but Hurts does have the potential to be a good madden QB and he kind of fits the style of QB that HD is in real life so that’s fun.


DAL – Anthonyv

I’ve witnessed Anthony go toe to toe with Que and Tbandit consistently in my other league because he has a great roster in that league. So I know that with the right team, Ant can make a serious playoff run, he just wasn’t blessed with that this cycle in PML. Anthony is one of the better rushing users in PML, so I wanted to give him a great running team. He’ll have Elliot and Pollard and a dominant OL with some great receiving weapons as well. We all know EA devs suck the Cowboys dicks with their roster every madden, so this will inevitably be a top madden roster next cycle. Giving them to Anthony means that Elliot is a beast in PML and we have another super bowl contender (or at least consistent playoff contender) to worry about the next cycle.


WAS – Curt

Honestly I don’t know much of anything about him. Washington is a fun team to build around though. Curt hasn’t had a hot start so far his first few games back in PML so this could be a good fit with other mid-tier and Low-tier users and a good roster to build.


NYG – Papagreeny

A top 3 PML rusher. This is what Saquon deserves. Papagreeny is one of those users who can go from .500 record to a 12+ win season and deep playoff run with the right team. I think the weapons the Giants have on offense will immediately make Papagreeny a guy to contend for a super bowl in the NFC and him and Anthony will have great battles every season in this division. He also has shown the GM ability to really build a solid defense, so the Giants will need someone like him to draft, sign, and trade for some defensive weapons.