PML Playoff Picture

PML Playoff Picture

The PML playoff bracket is nearly set, with just one berth up for grabs in the NFC West while other clubs jockey for seeding. Let’s take a look at the current state of the AFC & NFC playoff picture and what some key matchups in the final week can do to the seeding heading into the 2023 Post Season.


  1. WFT     13-2.        Vs Dolphins

It is quite simple for the WFT, win and your the NFC champion and receive a first round bye. The WFT hold the tie breaker over the Detroit Lions with a 11-1 to 9-2 Conference Record.

Win 1st Seed

Loss and Lions Win.  2nd Seed

Loss and Lions Loss  1st Seed

2. Detroit Lions. 13-2.   Vs Buccaneers

The Lions will be doing some scoreboard watching in Week 17 as they will need to take care of their own business and get a little help as they need a loss from the WFT.

Win and WFT loss 1st Seed

Win and WFT win 2nd Seed

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-4 @ Lions

The Buccaneers are in a interesting spot as they have clinched a playoff berth heading into Week 17 but the division title remains up for grabs. With the Atlanta Falcons on their tail, it is a must win to be NFC South champs. The tie breaker scenario will be very interesting with a loss and a Falcons win. Both teams defeated one another during the season and have identical divisional records. Both would be 3-3 in common game opponents. It would then come to the 4th tie breaker conference record which would go to the Atlanta Falcons who sit at 8-4 while the Bucs would be 7-5 with a loss. Bottom line, Sam Howell take care of business.

Bucs win 3rd Seed

Bucs Loss and Falcons Loss 3rd Seed

Bucs Loss and Falcons Win, Giants Loss 6th seed

Bucs Loss, Falcons Win, Giants Win 7th Seed

4. San Francisco 49ers 7-8 @ Seahawks

The Wild Wild West division title will come down to the final week as the 49ers control their own destiny. Win and your in. A loss then you gotta scoreboard watch as the Arizona Cardinals sit right behind them.

49ers Win 4th Seed

49ers Loss and Cardinals Win Eliminated 

49ers Loss and Cardinals Loss 4th seed

5. Minnesota Vikings 12-3 vs Eagles

The Vikings playoff seeding has been determined as they are locked in at #5 and it’s just a matter of what NFC West destination they will be departing for. 

6. New York Giants 10-5 vs Cardinals 

The New York Giants have already punched a ticket to the post season but their playoff seeding still remains in the balance as they can either end up a 6th or 7th seed.

Giants Win 6th Seed

Giants Loss, Falcons Loss 6th Seed

Giants Loss, Falcons Win 7th Seed

7. Atlanta Falcons 10-5 vs Jaguars 

The Falcons late season resurgence has put them on the heels of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into Week 17, but they will need a win and some help to clinch the NFC South title.

Falcons Win and Bucs Loss 3rd Seed

Falcons Win, Giants Loss 6th Seed

Falcons Win, Bucs Win 7th Seed

Falcons Loss 7th Seed


  1. Buffalo Bills.   14-1.    @ Patriots

The premier matchup of Week 17 will pit two of the best vs one another with a first round bye and AFC East division title on the line. The Patriots got the best of Buffalo in week 1, but will happen in this heavyweight bout in round 2.

Bills Win 1st Seed

Bills Loss 5th Seed

2. Los Angeles Chargers 11-4. @ Colts

The Chargers have been on cruise control for most of the season as they locked up the AFC West fairly early in the season. Week 17 will be interesting for the Chargers as they can potentially fall to the 3rd seed with a loss and a Pittsburgh Steelers victory.

Chargers Win 2nd Seed

Chargers Loss Steelers Win 3rd Seed

Chargers Loss Steelers Loss 2nd Seed

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-4 vs Ravens

One of the most exciting users in PML has been on fire of late as he has racked up 10 straight victories. He currently controls his own destiny,  with a victory he will be hosting a playoff game as champions of the AFC North.

Steelers Win Chargers Loss 2nd Seed

Steelers Win Chargers Win 3rd Seed

Steelers Loss 6th Seed

4. Indianapolis Colts  9-6. Vs Chargers

The always tough to predict AFC South will come down to the final week once again with the Colts controlling their own destiny due to a tie breaker in division record with the Houston Texans. Both teams split head to head matchups but currently the Colts are 5-1 in the division while the Texans sit at 3-3. 

Colts Win 4th Seed

Colts Loss and Texans Loss 4th Seed

Colts Loss and Texans Win 7th Seed

5. New England Patriots 13-2 vs Bills

The Patriots control their own destiny in Week 17 as they can jump to the top spot and a first round bye with a victory over the Buffalo Bills. It will be must watch TV, stay tuned.

Patriots Win 1st Seed

Patriots Loss 5th Seed

6. Baltimore Ravens 10-5. @ Steelers

The Ravens will see a familiar face as they head into Week 17 when they make the trip to Pittsburgh. The AFC North title will be on the line as these division rivals duke it out for bragging rights.

Ravens Win 3rd Seed

Ravens Loss 6th Seed

7. Houston Texans 9-6 @ Panthers

The Texans are currently sitting in the 7th spot and would need a little help if they wanted to take over as the AFC South champions as they split the head to head with the Indianapolis Colts and have a 3-3 division record while the Colts is 5-1.

Houston Win and Colts Loss 4th Seed

Houston Win and Colts Win 7th Seed

Houston Loss 7th Seed