The trade is finally official, the Las Vegas Raiders have just traded their third overall pick in the 1st round for franchise Quarterback Jordan Love. With the team letting letting Derek Carr go in the regular season to pick up Minshew from free agency a lot of fans were starting to believe that Minshew was going to be their guy for the foreseeable future but with the amount of money that Minshew was asking for the and type of play he showed on tape the Raiders decided to look into a different direction and thus getting the guy that they think is a perfect fit Jordan Love. Head coach for the Raiders Jon Gruden told media “I’ll tell ya what mang ‘that guy Jordan Love he’s a special dude, he’s got all the intangibles that you would want in a quarterback. I called up Mayock and I told him that this kid Love, he’s gonna make history for this franchise, he’s gonna take us straight to the playoffs man. Cause lemme’ tell ya’ something man this kid Jordan Love, he’s a true quarterback. This kid got a lot of spunk in him, a lot of love packed into him. That’s why I like to call this kid the love machine you can tell the way he slings that ball that he puts a lot of love into it!”

With the Raiders having an unsuccessful cycle so far, fans may start to believe that the gloomy dark days are over with their new acquisition at the quarterback spot. With a loaded offense filled of weapons for Love to throw too there is no reason why this team cannot make the playoffs this final season.