Season 5 Predictions – NFC South

KingMike’s Predictions

NFC South

BuccsDlloyd – (12-4)

In his final season in the suburbs Dlloyd will take one last joy ride around the NFC. Look for Dlloyd to make the most of his final season and make a run at the Super Bowl. It starts first with the regular season where I think he will have another double digit win showing. 

Falcons – Antdawg – (10 – 6) 

Antdawg has quietly had a good cycle rebuilding the Falcons. As we head to next gen I dont see the momentum slowing. Ant will get to double digit wins and possible eek out a playoff birth

Panthers – JT – (7-9)

Last season I thought JT was going to make a turn and have a serious playoff run. I was wrong and i’ll be damned if I let JT make my prediction look bad again! Our commish will struggle to get to .500 but will continue to be exalted for run the best damn Madden CFM in the world! (literally)

Saints – Devo – (6-10) 

Another coach I dont know much about just yet. I do know though he is boys with Tbandit and has been in the lab. Lets see if this team can get over 5 wins in our final season. 


Jcclutch Preditions

NFC South


Bucs 10-6


Not a great season last year compared to their undefeated regular season just a year before, but even with a loss to the Falcons, Tampa Bay remains the frontrunner in this well balanced division and it’s expected that Sam Howell and the top tier defense lead the Bucs to the playoffs for one last chance at a super bowl this cycle. There may be some struggles on next gen but hopefully it works out in the end.


Falcons 8-8


A great season along with a playoff berth even though it seemed unlikely, Atlanta seized every opportunity but fell flat in their wild card matchup. Losing their premier pass rushers might be a problem but the Falcons should stay competitive with Micale Cunningham and such a fast defense. Next gen could help or hurt this team but if they play like last season, they could swoop the division title away from Tampa Bay.


Panthers 5-11


The Panthers are bound for an improved season on next gen with their continuous cycling use of elite running backs like Najee Harris and Christian McCaffery. This team was not good last year but pulled off some big upsets and if they can improve again they can hopefully get to .500. Justin Fields will try his best in the last season of the cycle and maybe we’ll be talking about the Panthers more down the stretch if they outperform expectations.


Saints 4-12


The Saints made the playoffs just a couple years ago but those days seem so far away as they have a rough quarterback situation and a lackluster defense. They are always competitive until they implode by letting up big plays or squandering red zone opportunities of their own. If New Orleans plays smart this season on next gen, they can make the playoffs again but it certainly seems unlikely.


Fallen’s Predictions

NFC South –

Buccs – 11-5 – Y

Falcons – 9-7 

Panthers – 4-12

Saints – 4-12


Dlloyd has come on strong this season and has taken advantage of the roster that he was given. He has really dominated the NFC South and has built one of the best rosters in PML. He hasn’t really made a dent in the postseason, but getting there is the first step. He has a tougher schedule this season, but as long as he can take care of his division opponents like he has all cycle long, he is a sure bet to win the division. Antdawg had a tricky financial situation with the Atlanta Falcons and he has composed one of the toughest fronts and LB core in PML. His roster is good enough to compete, but he has had a few slip ups against lower tier teams that has made him fall. I predict that he is going to miss the playoffs in the latter half of the season against a gimme opponent that he might not take as seriously as he should. JT has had a lot of success with developing halfbacks this cycle. He has done a fantastic job, but that hasn’t led to a lot of successful wins. He has the ability to compete with higher rated rosters, but when the game is on the line, he hasn’t been able to clutch out a win. We saw him almost pullout the upset against the Buccaneers last season had it not been for a controversial pass interference call. Detroo has built the Saints into a formidable roster, but a few trades that he’s made hurt him in the long run. He sent away an edge threat pass rusher for a corner that ended up losing his abilities. Edge threat is one of the premier abilities and a game changer when in the right hands. Detroo will pull out a few wins against lesser talent, but I do not foresee him pulling out any upsets this season. 


KMFO’s Predictions

NFC South –

Buccaneers – 11-5 – Y

Falcons – 8-8 

Panthers – 7-9

Saints – 6-10


DLoyd has been one of the better passing users in the league the last few seasons, and that seems to be the trend of how you’ll win football games in next gen. Mike Evans will be unguardable now that size truly matters in Madden, and Godwin’s route running ability should allow him to create consistent separation against man coverage. Howell can get the job done and make any throw on the field, and this defense for the Buccaneers is lights out. The Falcons unfortunately faced the harsh reality of regression this last offseason, when he lost multiple key impact defenders to regression, losing some game changing superstar abilities in his front 7. This defense carried him to a lot of success in season 4, and now I feel that success won’t be found again until Madden 22. Ant is still a solid coach though, and he can find himself in the playoff race with a couple upsets. JT is bringing his nightmare blitzes to next gen, and I’m sure nobody is looking forward to facing them. With gameplay slowed down a bit, I think the Panthers will find more offensive success. And better coverage ability from the DBs and less OP routes on offense should result in more success from the wild blitzes that JT dials up on defense. Devoo will hopefully win more games than last season and realize that Michael Thomas can do a lot of damage in next gen. Kamara should be even more dangerous than he was in old gen now that speed is not as OP as it was before. Defense is still an issue in New Orleans and it’ll keep him from being a playoff contender this year.