Carolina Panthers Rookie Spotlight: TE Jaelyn Lay

TE JAELYN LAY – R5P5 2024 Draft

The tight end position has been a sore spot on the Panthers roster since Greg Olsen left the team. Enter Jaelyn Lay – a true tight end who has great speed for his size, but even better blocking skills. The Panthers were so impressed with his blocking skillset that he worked exclusively with the offensive lineman some days during training camp. It would not be surprising if Lay has a reps at guard by the end of the season. Another red zone threat, scored 2 TDs in his first preseason game vs the Chiefs.

Outlook: Lay will most definitely see time earlier in the season especially when they are trying to get the run game going. The good news for Panthers opponents, Lay is such a good blocker that it may start becoming a “tell” of what the Panthers are trying to do when it comes to running or passing. The bad news for those Panthers opponents, Lay is just as good as a receiver as he is a blocker; don’t be surprised if you see Lay taking a 10 yard out to the house.

Season stat prediction: 12 receptions 240 yards 4 TDs