PML’s Evolution of the Tight End

The Tight End position is one that has surely changed drastically over the last 10-15 years in the NFL. A position which was once dominated by brute blockers who would give the quarterback more time in the pocket as well as assist in the running game, has now shifted to speedy route runners who can stretch the field and make an impact in the passing game. Players of the early 2000s like Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, and Jason Witten started the transition from traditional blockers to offensive threats. We have now seen players over the last few years model their games after these trend setters from yesteryear such as Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce and budding superstar Darren Waller to give defenses fits with their athleticism to go along with blocking, speed and receiving skills. A position which was once over looked when building teams has become an area of focus, and we are certainly seeing that translate into the PML. As of Week 5, there are currently 4 Tight Ends who are in the Top 10 in receiving yards, as well as one who leads in TD receptions. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 tight ends in the PML to this point and let you the reader see how important this position plays a role in today’s game. 

1.Evan Engram TE. New York Giants

 676 Yards Receiving (1st)

     29 Receptions (3rd)

       3 TD (Tied for 19th)

2. Dawson Knox TE. Buffalo Bills

570 Yards Receiving (2nd)

       34 Receptions (2nd)

         7 TD (1st)

3. Michael Mayer TE. Green Bay Packers

501 Yards Receiving (4th)

       21 Receptions (Tied for 27th)

        3. TD (Tied for 19th)

4. Darren Waller TE. Las Vegas Raiders

459 Yards Receiving (9th)

       28. Receptions (Tied for 5th)

        3. TD (Tied for 19th)

5. Gerald Everett TE WFT

428 Yards Receiving (11th)

      22. Receptions (Tied for 22nd)

        4. TD (Tied for 8th)

6. Keon Zipperer TE Cleveland Browns

378 Yards Receiving (18th)

       22 Receptions (Tied for 22nd)

         2 TD

7. Albert Okwuengbunam TE Jacksonville Jags

359 Yards Receiving (20th)

       14  Receptions

         2  TD

8. Mark Andrews TE Baltimore Ravens

   352 Yards Receiving (21st)

      23 Receptions (Tied for 17th)

         1 TD

9. Jonnu Smith TE Tennessee Titans 

  344 Yards Receiving (23rd)

       21 Receptions (Tied for 27th)

         1 TD

10. George Kittle TE San Francisco 49ers 

336 Yards Receiving (25th)

         20 Receptions (Tied for 35th)

          4. TD ( Tied for 8th)