Mello’s Initial Thoughts On All 32 PML Rosters Part 1

Mello’s Initial Thoughts On All 32 PML Rosters Part 1

As a new user, joining the PML in season 5 is a cool experience, not only to play in the league, but also to see what everyone has been able to do with their teams over 5 seasons in an online cfm. Today, I’m here to share my initial thoughts on all 32 PML rosters, 5 years deep into the cfm, within a 4 part series.

Tier list will be based on these factors:

  • Team rating now compared to initial team
  • Star players on the team
  • Rookies that have been developed into star players.

I will provide in depth analysis for each team within a paragraph below. Please don’t get butthurt these are just my initial thoughts on rosters.

Chicago Bears – D Tier

Compared to the rest of the rosters in the league, this team definitely isn’t up to par. Not only has the team barely improved, if at all from its original form, it also lacks heavily in some spots. Running Back is a MASSIVE hole with the highest rated running back on the roster boasting a 74 overall rating and combined with a below average receiving core and a defense that is just average compared to the rest of the league, you get yourself a team that hasn’t improved much at all, aside from finding itself a franchise QB in Zach Wilson.

Cincinnati Bengals – B Tier

The Bengals roster is one that is for sure a step up from their current real life roster, but still isn’t an amazing squad. This is for sure a great rebuild, and a team that does have a few offensive weapons and a solid defense. Jalen Waddle and John Ross make for an elite wide receiver due to their deep speed and athleticism while Joe Mixon is a solid bell cow back, although he lacks any superstar abilities. The Defense is above average compared to the rest of the league, which makes Cincy a solid squad in PML.

Buffalo Bills – A Tier

As a massive Josh Allen Fanboy I absolutely love this roster. The Bills offense is absolutely LOADED featuring 2 99 overall receivers, a 98 XF quarterback, and a 98 XF tight end. The defense is also extremely deadly and almost as good as the offense. The only lacking part of the team is it’s subpar offensive line, but keeping in mind that you have to pay a mega star QB a mega deal, this roster is excellent.

Denver Broncos – C Tier

This Broncos team is just overall average. Not bad by any means, but just average compared to other rosters. The offense is solid, but not elite compared to others, and the front seven overall isn’t nearly as elite as it could be. The team still has some stud players in Spencer Rattler and Jerry Jeudy, but overall is very average compared to other rosters in the league.

Cleveland Browns – D Tier

For as much potential as the Cleveland Browns roster presents itself with, the potential just hasn’t been reached. Taking initial rosters out of the equation, this would be an above average team, but keeping in mind what the Browns start with, this has turned into an above average team that hasn’t even come close to it’s true potential.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – S Tier

With the Bucs roster already starting out loaded, there really isn’t much to improve, but in the PML they are now borderline unfair. Sam Howell has become Tom Brady’s successor and has not disappointed, as well as Antoine Winfield Jr developing into one of, if not the best safety in PML. There really isn’t much better that could’ve been done with Tampa.

Arizona Cardinals – S Tier

Arizona is another roster that it is very hard to find any holes in, because there aren’t any. Roster is stacked from top to bottom, featuring some absolute athletes in Javelin Guidry and Isaih Simmons. Not only is the defense shutdown, the offense is electric, featuring a more developed version of the Cardinals current roster, with the addition of a superstar beast of a running back in Nyheim Hines. Definitely a great job with Arizona.

Los Angeles Chargers – A Tier

The Chargers roster is way above average, and an awesome attempt at rebuilding them around Justin Herbert. While there are some better rosters in the league, this one is not too bad itself. Not only has Herbert been developed into an elite QB, there are some new stars on the team such as Rico Gafford and Montae Nicholson. Not to mention the addition of DK to make this offense almost unstoppable. Don’t forget about the Chargers underrated defense as well, led by current stars Joey Bosa and Derwin James, as well as new star Kenneth Murray Jr! Very good rebuild of the Chargers.