Mello’s Initial Thoughts On All 32 PML Rosters Part 3

Mello’s Initial Thoughts On All 32 PML Rosters

Part 3

As a new user, joining the PML in season 5 is a cool experience, not only to play in the league, but also to see what everyone has been able to do with their teams over 5 seasons in an online cfm. Today, I’m here to share my initial thoughts on all 32 PML rosters, 5 years deep into the cfm. This will be part 3 of a 4 part series.

Tier list will be based on these factors:

  • Team rating now compared to initial team
  • Star players on the team
  • Rookies that have been developed into star players.

I will provide in depth analysis for each team within a paragraph below. Please don’t get butthurt these are just my initial thoughts on rosters.

Jacksonville Jaguars – B Tier

This Jacksonville squad is very solid. Not super special, but definitely solid and an above average roster in PML. Just like irl, TLaw is the signal caller for Jacksonville, and he has not disappointed in his development. Trevo has reached a 93 overall with X Factor abilities at just the age of 24. Travis Etienne is the main man in the backfield just like irl as well, and he has also become a beast. The team features an average receiving group and above average Oline as well. Defensively, the team is extremely strong in the front 7, as well as having a good group of Db’s to back that up. Good job with Jacksonville.

New York Jets – D Tier

Looks like 5 years deep into a CFM the Jets are still … the Jets. Compared to the rest of the rosters I have looked at so far this is by far the worst. I understand that it is the Jets, but just look at the Lions, who are probably in a worse situation given the cap situation. The teams aren’t even close in quality. If I had to try to point out some bright spots I guess the development of Ashtyn Davis and Devonta Smith is nice, but other than that this roster just isn’t it.

Detroit Lions – S Tier

This roster is just simply amazing. I’ve looked up and down and found ZERO holes. Detroit is now in good hands with their guy DJ and a two 99 overall receiving pairing of Kenny Golladay and Amon-Ra St Brown. Not to mention they both have XF abilities. Unlike most super teams in PML, Detroit actually has an Oline, as well as a defense that can hang with any offense out there. A deadly front 7 that opponents have to sweat about every week, and an even better group of DB’s to back that up.Coming from Detroit’s base roster and cap situation, this is my current #1 roster in the league.

Green Bay Packers – B Tier

First off, just wanna say this is a great rebuild. The only reason the team is B Tier is because this is also comparing it to its base roster. Aaron Rodgers’s heir apparent Bryce Young has filled the shoes of Rodgers Perfectly, and the Green Bay offense is still just as deadly as well. While the front 7 of the defense is average compared to the rest of the league, the DBs are up there with the best, featuring Jaiere Alexander and Tyreke Johnson, two lockdown corners. Good job with the Packers!

Carolina Panthers – A Tier

Carolina’s got some ATHLETES! This offense is downright scary, featuring Justin Fields, who has grown to 96 overall, and my pick for PML’s best backfield with CMC and Najee Harris. If a decent tight end was in the equation the offense would be in the conversation for the league’s best offense. Defensively, the Dline is loaded, featuring a deadly pairing of Derrick Brown and Brian Burns. A good group of linebackers and an outstanding group of DBs is what lands this team among the elite.

New England Patriots – A Tier

Looks like New England is back, and once again has a potent offense. From just glancing at the roster, you can tell who the offense is built around, and that man is Phillip Lindsay. Phillip is nuts, and is supported by an awesome Oline to compliment how insane he is. The defense has also been restored back to what it originally was and features some new defensive monsters in Kyle Dugger and Jonathan Jones. While the lack of a second good safety and middle linebacker hold this team back from being S Tier, this is stillen excellent rebuild.

Las Vegas Raiders – B Tier

The raiders have certainly reached their potential in this cfm. Offensively, the team is amazing, headlined by 99 Stefon Diggs and XF Darren Waller. Defensively the team could be better. While Minkah is an absolute stud, the rest of the defense is lacking. The defensive line is awesome, but the linebacker group is way below average. The DB’s are above average, but very poor linebackers, and a very poor Oline hold the raiders back. However, this is still a great rebuild and a scary squad.

Los Angeles Rams – C Tier

While Los Angeles has found their franchise guy with Michael Penix Jr, the team is still pretty average compared to the rest of the league. The rams are not all around average, and definitely have some bright spots. The DBs are in the conversation for the league’s best, as well as a solid Dline. Now let’s get to the bad. The receiving group and running backs other than Kyle Pitts, are below average compared to the rest of the league. The Oline is also below average to the rest of the league and the Linebackers are just average. This would be a low end B tier team for the starting roster, but with the starting roster this is a C tier team. The amazing group of DBs and the emergence of Penix Jr is what keeps this team from being D Tier.

Teams are listed from best to worst in each tier from left to right on the Tier List.