Giants Roster Overview (Part 1 Offense)

The New York Football Giants are back and ready for the upcoming PML season. The Giants have one of the lower overall rosters in the league. In this article we will take a look at their roster, starting depth chart and examine who they should pick up in free agency or possibly in a trade. 


  •  Daniel Jones (starter) : Daniel Jones comes in as the Giants starting quarterback, where he will be looking to prove the critics wrong this season. Jones has the physical talents to play the quarterback position, however, he will need to react quickly and accurately under pressure if he will  be able to succeed this season. 
  • Mike Glennon (backup) : The plan is that Glennon will never have to play this season, however, if he does then he gives the Giants a veteran presence who can rally the team. 


  • Saquon Barkley (starter) : Barkley is the lifeblood of the Giants. Coach Burn has stated numerous times that the Giants offense runs through him. The Giants season will be determined by the effectiveness and availability of Barkley. 
  • Devontae Booker (backup) : Booker will be a change of pace back at times throughout the game. He isn’t the fastest back, but he is serviceable enough that the Giants are comfortable playing him in a limited time setting. 


  • Kenny Golladay (starter) : The superstar of this wide receiving core will be a main focus this season. The Giants want Golladay to start most games with an impact. Golladay is a big target who will come in handy in the red zone. 
  • Darius Slayton (starter) : Slayton is a big weapon that the Giants will use opposite of Golladay in order to stretch the field. Slayton has the ability to run any route in the route tree and will look to give the offense an out on any play. 
  • Kadarius Toney (starter) : Toney gets the starting spot over long time fan favorite Sterling Shepard. Toney was picked in the first round in order to give the Giants offense another weapon who could take the ball the distance whenever it is in his hands. The Giants will look to get Toney involved in games early and often. Toney is a potential OROY candidate. 
  • John Ross (back up) : The Giants brought in Ross this season to give them a true deep threat that can run past any defender on the field. Ross is the fastest player on the Giants and will look to get over the top of the defense anytime he is in. 
  • Sterling Shepard (back up) : Old reliable Shepard has been regulated to the fifth wide receiver spot on this offense. Coach Burn has said he wants to display an offense that has speed, and sadly Shepard doesn’t fit that narrative. Shepard has spent the entire offense working on his speed but as of now his spot remains the same. 


The Giants offensive line is the worst in the league. We will only be going over their pitiful starting unit at this time. 

  • LT Andrew Thomas : Thomas was a high draft pick who didn’t play like it last season. The Giants will be hoping that he can become the player that they envisioned when picking him in the draft. He will need to work on his pass blocking if he wants to succeed this season. 
  • LG Kyle Long : The Giants first free agent that they were able to select has instantly become their best offensive lineman. Long, a veteran presence will look to mentor the younger members of the offensive line in order to help them not get instantly destroyed by defenders this season. 
  • C Nick Gates : Gates is easily the Giants worst starter on their line. Gates cant pass block or run block to be honest. The Giants will look to pick up another lineman to replace Gates in free agency. 
  • RG Will Hernandez : Hernandez is a young strong player who the Giants can build their line around.  He just like the rest of the line has to work on a lot but he is one of the better players that the Giants have. 
  • RT Nate Solder : Solder is being paid as an elite talent, however, he is far from that. He has two years left of a 4 year contract and the Giants hope that he can return to form and become the player who they are paying him to be. 


  • Evan Engram (starter) : Engram will start at tight end for the Giants due to his physical stature alone. He is a fast guy who has a tendency to drop easy passes. Engram has been working all summer on his catching and will look to have a big season. 
  • Kyle Rudolph (back up) : Rudolph was brought in as an insurance policy just in case Engram does not return to form this season. The Giants will use alot of two tight end sets so Rudolph will see a lot of action this season,  especially in the red zone.

After taking a look at the starting depth chart for the Giants, we can see they have a glaring need on their offensive line. They will be looking to take the best players available in free agency to beef up that offensive line. The Giants also are in need of good backup players in the running back and quarterback position. Free agency is where they will turn to find their running back, however, rumors have been swirling that they are looking for a new quarterback, particularly one from the Texans.