Disappointing Finish In New York 

After last week’s pathetic performance, Coach Burn vowed that his offense would play better this week at home versus the Atlanta Falcons. Ironically, last week’s performance by Slayton has given the Giants an offensive game plan goal. Their goal is to throw at least three touchdown passes, with the reward being categorized as an “offensive boost “ if completed. Coach Burn, could not pass up the chance to get his team all the rewards that they can get and once again tailored his gameplan around passing the football. 

Both teams came into this game with a record of 1-1, and the lure of a winning record were on the minds of all involved. This game started off with both offenses getting involved early. Running Back Patterson started the game strong, running the ball well, while catching multiple short passes from Ryan. The Falcons offense played the running and short pass game with a couple of long shots taken later in the game. The Giants offense on the other hand took the long passing game to heart, with Jones hitting passes of over 20 yards to at least 4 different players. This was a back and forth type of game until the fourth quarter. With the game close in hand, Jones and the Giants offense were driving into Falcon territory when he threw his worst interception of the day. Jones had a man on a slant underneath, however, decided to throw it into double coverage which led to a Falcon touchdown. The Giants defense couldn’t make a stop in the end, letting Mike Davis run for a touchdown which essentially sealed the win for the Falcons. 

When asked what happened in this game all Coach Burn had to say was, “ Daniel Jones needs to stop throwing into coverage, and our defense needs to do what they get paid to do.” Coach Burn could be seen slamming things and cursing to himself after the game. The Giants, once again stuck to their passing gameplan, which resulted in 3 passing touchdowns being thrown. Their completed gameday goal  granted them a major boost for their offense in the next three games. Jones has been granted increased temporary boostings to his accuracy while his wide receiving core has been granted temporary boosts towards their catching. This should help out the offense tremendously, especially Jones and his errant passing game.  

Jones played well to some degree, however, he accounted for all 5 turnovers that the offense had. He threw 4 interceptions, which were clearly just a result of bad field vision, as well as fumbling the ball once. He did throw for 446 yards and 3 touchdown passes on 30 pass attempts. Jones is showing the Giants that he has the ability to be a franchise quarterback if and only if he sures up his turnovers. If the Giants are in the top 10 at the end of the season, it will be a tough decision if a rookie quarterback is sitting there for them to pick. The Giants receiving core showed how great it could be with Toney, Golladay,  and Engram all catching touchdowns. The Giants have the speed to keep up with any secondary. The issue for them, seems to be the use of, or should we say lack thereof superstar running back Barkely. He only rushed for 53 yards on 9 attempts. He needs to be given more touches, and maybe with Jones’s turnover issue, this is the catalyst for it to happen. 

It seems the Giants are showing that their week 1 defensive performance was a fluke. They let the uninspiring combination of Matt Ryan, Mike Davis, and Cordelle Patterson do whatever they wanted. They let up over 500 yards of offense, and 41 points to an offense devoid of superstars. Jackson and Bradberry did have 3 interceptions between the two of them but that wasn’t enough to secure the win. They will need to do much better or this season is going to be over soon. 

All in all the Giants let a game they could have won slip away at the end. Daniel Jones will need to start taking care of the football, and the defense will need to stopping opposing offenses if the Giants want any part of the playoffs. Next up for the Giants are the New Orleans Saints.