Has Mac Jones Lost The Locker Room?

Rumors are swirling around the Patriots as there are multiple reports that Mac Jones has lost the locker room. With a disappointing 1-3 start, many players are looking to rookie quarterback, Jones, as the cause of the issue. The struggles started back in Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins where he threw 4 interceptions and zero touchdowns. Then, in Week 2, Jones showed some but ultimately ended up blowing the game with a late fumble. In Week 3 the team found their way to victory, no thanks to Jones as the defense and the run game carried the team. Week 4 brought more issues where in a pivotal drive to help seal the game, Jones threw 3 inaccurate passes in a row to wide open receivers. He has been referred to around the locker room as noodle arm Mac, some even saying it right to his face, per sources. The major frustration comes from his lack of arm and inability to make up for it with his pass accuracy. The organization is looking towards possible replacement from out of house since Cam Newton was released before the season began, many question this move and speculate the team would be in a better spot with him.


The question is, will they address the issue through , trade, free agency, or the draft.