New Ravens Head Coach Comments on Dobbins Situation

It was a dark and stormy night.
Coach Mehoy was sitting by the fire, enjoying some coffee after his debut loss.
He thought hard about how he is supposed to be better than how he performed. His last outing was not like him… He ponders the possible reasoning for his lackluster debut. Lack of familiarity of the roster? Was he feeling the pressure of being the new guy? Was it just a bad day?

As he thinks, he hears a knock at the door… Before he can open it fully, JK Dobbins shoves the door open and gives his new coach a great big hug.

“Thank you for saving us coach. We finally have hope!”

At this moment, Coach Mehoy is wondering how Dobbins is walking, running, and jumping as if he never suffered that horrific leg injury in the preseason.

Dobbins notices his coach’s confusion and explains that he saw a special doctor. This doctor gave him a shot with practically every version of steroids and methamphetamines that are known to man.
This shot gave Dobbins his regular abilities back, like he never even suffered any injury in his career.

Clearly, Coach Mehoy was skeptical about the legality of this shot, but assumed that this was a PML approved method since Dobbins was so up front about explaining the procedure.

Little did Mehoy know, this procedure could possibly hurt his one and only chance of being a PML coach. The waiting, the interviews, the film study; all of it was almost thrown out the window due to allowing this illegal procedure to happen.


This is how we imagine it all went down.
The new Ravens head coach sure knows how to make a first impression.

With the short time he had been spectating the inner workings of the league, he made a mistake that may have possibly tarnished his reputation as an up-and-coming PML coach.

The league has been buzzing since his arrival to PML. He did not spend too long in the coaching carousel and then found himself thrusted into the bizarre world of the Premier Madden League.

We spoke with Coach Yoy Mehoy on the whole situation, here is what he had to say about it:

“This isn’t how I wanted to start my PML career. First with my controversial hiring. Secondly with taking the loss in my debut. Third with JK Dobbins miraculously joining our ranks healthy again. It wasn’t my plan to cheat the system. I didn’t ask Dobbins to lie to me and say he was healthy to play.

I have worked hard and practiced in many amateur leagues for the past few years. I’ve Dealt with extreme lack of professionalism from other execs, teams, and commissioners of other football leagues.

The end goal always was to work my way to the PML and join the professionals. For me to purposely cheat the system with ill intentions, that would mean I threw away all of the drama and horrible leagues that I went through to get where I am now. I think I have a place in the PML. If I have to earn the league’s trust and respect via an uphill battle, so be it. I just felt that this interview was needed to help clear the smoke on the situation.

Coming in and having controversy come up with how I was selected, how I played in my debut, and now the Dobbins situation… I don’t blame anyone for wanting to put a ‘target on my back.’ It looks like I purposely attempted to get Dobbins back illegally, but i promise you that this is not the case. If there was any way to show you how it was accidental, I would.

I have one thing to mention to the other coaches and the league commissioners:

Do not count me out. Don’t allow these recent events to prevent us all from collaborating together. I am in here because I am here for the long run.
I am the new guy. I understand, the new guy has to be tested.
With that being said, the Ravens focus on Week 6 and beyond from here on out, and I have a season to save.

I am sorry for the issues I have caused so far. Green grass ahead. Cheers.”