Breaking News: Allen Robinson arrives in New Orleans

We’re currently in week 6 of the Premier Madden League season and after starting off rough early in the season the New Orlean Saints sought out to make some huge changes to add some more spice to their offense. They went out and grabbed Allen Robinson from the Chicago bears for a current year second round and fourth round pick. This Saints team has been in desperate need of another playmaker on their offense and they believe they found their guy. With the amount this team has struggled to throw the ball on offense and push down the field to get touchdowns they know that having Allen Robinson as another option on the field to take the pressure off of Kamara is huge to this offense. Reporters talked to coach Cammy earlier today and this was what he explained to us.

Coach “Nimrod” Cammy: You know I made a lot of promises when I came into this organization that I’d bring a lot of winning seasons to this team and so far thing’s haven’t panned out as I’d hope for. Our offense is looking really stale out there, we are having troubles pushing the ball deep and no one seems like they are able to break free into the open. We got to make the job easier on the quarterback and that starts with dumbing down the playbook and getting more playmakers into this building. I am completely thrilled to bring Robinson here no matter the cost, we have a lot of good young players we are already developing so losing out on those picks for a guy like this is nothing to us and we know having a player like that on our offense is going to be the difference maker for when it comes to those divisional games. Now teams can’t just key in on Kamara, Trautman, and Thomas they have to worry about Robinson on the outside because if you leave this guy in a one on one situation he’s going to make that grab over your defender every time! There’s also a lot of speculation and controversy over how we are going to pay this man with our cap situation and I’ll tell the people now do not worry Robinson is going to get paid the money he deserves, we can worry all about that after the season ends. Right now what we need to worry about is getting us that Superbowl.

That’s a big promise from the newly hired coach Cammy, I guess in due time we will figure out if he can get this offense going or if he’s just a fraudulent coach who scammed his way into a coaching gig…