Week 5: Remake, Reset 

The Giants, at 2-2 are feeling better than most teams would be given their record. They feel as if they lost a game that they should have won and feel that they have the pieces in order to compete with any team, including their next opponent, the Dallas Cowboys. The second divisional game of the season ended with some controversy as coach Burn was tasked with a tough call at the end of the game. 

Giants versus Cowboys kicked off as normal, however sparks began to fly early into the fourth quarter. Both teams ignored these sparks and continued to play the game without a hitch. At 17 all, on 3rd and 7, with 1:22 left on the clock, deep in their own territory the Giants hiked the ball only to have the lights in the stadium shut off, effectively ending the game on the spot. After some confusion, both teams had a choice to make, either reset or remake the game. Both coaches agreed to just restart the game and act like the first game never happened. 

In this second game, Daniel Jones and the Giants played the complete opposite of the first as the Cowboys took a big lead to start the game due to Daniel Jones turnovers. Jones threw multiple interceptions early on which led to a complete game plan breakdown, resulting in a lopsided run pass ratio for the Giants. Jones and the Giants would come back into the game late, however, the early deficit was too much for them  to handle as they ultimately lost 44-32. 

After the game coach Burn was asked if he regretted doing a complete restart of the game and his response was, “Yes, if I would have known that we would completely suck that second game then we would have remade the first.” Everyday we live and learn and today Burn learned that sometimes a complete restart is not a smart idea. 

Daniel Jones interceptions came back to bite the Giants again which led directly to their third loss of the season. Jones passed for 435 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. He is doing a good job to balance his interceptions with touchdowns, however, this type of play is not sustainable if you want to win in this league. Barkley was once again not given the ball and was completely left out of the game plan when things went wrong. Barkley has to be a focal point of this offense. It’s getting to the point that if he won’t be used to his full potential then he needs to be traded.  Golladay and his three touchdowns dominated when he was given a chance. He is really showing the Giants management that they made a smart decision in signing him to that monster contract this past offseason. 

Run defense is officially a huge problem for the Giants. This is the third game that they have been shredded on the ground and something will need to change going forward. Pollard, and Elliot gashed them for almost 180 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground. The pass defense intercepted Prescott 3 times, however, that wasn’t nearly enough to keep up with the offensive turnovers. 

An 0-2 division record, 2-3 overall record is not something to be happy with. Coach Burn absolutely needs to get a grip of Daniel Jones and his defense. It’s frustrating to watch the same team get beat by the same things each week. How many times will the Giants get beat the same way before they change up their game plan? Only time will tell but if they don’t do something soon they will easily get beat by their next opponent, the Los Angeles Rams.