Week 6: Back 2 Back 

The New York Giants are trending in the wrong direction. Their weekly gameplans haven’t worked out for them in most games this season. Interceptions and run defense have been their achilles heel all season. This week coach Burn decided to switch up the game plan and institute a run first offense that in theory should set up their passing attack. This will not only get Barkley going, but would help Jones with his interception issue. The problem with gameplans is that when things go wrong, they usually aren’t stuck with. 

The Giants and Rams both started off the game strong, taking advantage of each other’s pass defense. This led to a 21-14 lead for the Giants at halftime. Coming out of the half, Coach Burn opted to stick with a run-first approach which would only result in the Giants eventually losing the game because of it. Barkley took his first carry of the game in the second half, however, with his first carry came his first fumble that set up the Rams with great field position. The Rams would get three from this possession. On the very next possession, Barkley would get the ball for his second run of the game only to once again fumble. Corner Ramsey stripped Barkley after he ran for a first down. This set up a Rams touchdown, giving them the 24-21 lead that they would never surrender. 

With his first two carries resulting in fumbles, the Giants were forced to pass the ball the rest of the game. Jones threw his first interception of the game, on the goaline on a play where he thought Slayton was going to keep running in the endzone. Slayton stopped, resulting in a pick six. This put the Rams up double digits, however Jones and the Giants would claw their way back throughout the fourth quarter. With 30 seconds left, in field goal range, Jones with no pressure  around him, overthrew a drag route right to Ramsey for a pick six. This pass would effectively end a game that was full of mistakes. When asked why the Giants didn’t run the ball more on the goalline or near the end of the game, coach Burn said “ We didn’t want to lose the game on another fumble.” Instead they lost the game on a wild Dainel Jones pass. It seems in this particular game the Giants were damned if they did, damned if they didn’t. 

Besides the two horrible interceptions, Daniel Jones played very well. He threw for over 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. Slayton, Golladay, Engram, and Toney all had touchdowns. This Giants offense is as balanced as it can be in terms of passing leaders. Both Golladay and Slayton are in the top 5 for receiving yards this season. Barkley, and the Giants running game are the worst this season. Barkley, who has been heard complaining about his lack of action in recent games, was given a game plan all to himself, only to blow it on his first two carries. 

Logan Ryan forced three Matt Stafford interceptions which helped keep the Giants in the game. This was about all the Giant defense did in this game. They did a better job with their run defense but in the end this game was about turnovers. The Rams defense did a better job at forcing turnovers and that was all she wrote. 

The Giants at 2-4 are in a tough position. They are last place in the NFC East, and have a tough upcoming schedule. Coach Burn and his Giants will need to do a lot of self reflection this upcoming week. With the trade deadline coming up, they have a lot of veteran pieces that they will need to decide if they are better off trading or keeping. Teams have been calling about injured receiver John Ross who should be back week 8. Rumor has it that if a team wants to pay 20 points to get him off the no trade list then the Giants will trade him. Next up the Giants face off against the Carolina Panthers.