PML Madden 22 Team Selections Revised (Article)

If I did the Madden 22 team selections, this is what I would have done. Keep in mind this is with the initial Madden 22 PML Roster. I am aware a couple guys got replaced but this is with the original users.

NFC North 

Lions – HypeMike (Same)

I think this is a good team selection, I performed well last year and I should be given the worst team in my division even if I am not as good as last year. Just based on past Madden performance this is good.

Packers – Cammy (Current: Jefe)

This is the team I feel Cammy should have gotten. I think he did not do too well with the Raiders last year, so why not give him a better team. I think Cammy would have done great with this roster with pieces set in place for him rather than having to rebuild like he did with the Raiders last year.

Bears – Curt (Current: Noble)

Noble is the Bears right now, and I think only a couple users should be allowed to repeat teams. JT and Goose, otherwise I think the others should always move around. This team would have been a good fit for Curt I think user skill and team wise.

Vikings – JP (Same)

My guy JP had to deal with Denver last year so this is great he gets an upgrade. I’d keep this selection the same.

NFC South (Same)

Falcons – Vet

Saints – Wumbo

Panthers – JT

Bucs – Mali

This division is perfect, I would have made the same selections. Nothing to write about here.

NFC East

Eagles – Dlloyd (Current: Curt)

Dlloyd has proven to be one of the top guys in the league. He went undefeated the same season I did. I think he’d love the challenge of trying to build around Hurts or even move on from him if he wanted to. There’s nearly no teams he would not fit in with since he is a YouTuber, but I just think this division would suit him best. 

WFT – KingMike (Same)

I would keep this selection the same. Mike is a great user who loves running the ball so challenging him to succeed with a team with outside weapons is great.

Cowboys – Noble (Current: CEO)

Noble had to use Chicago last year and I think this would be a good challenge for him. Rather than deal with the same team again he gets a really well-built offensive team rather than defensive like in Chicago. His QB problem is also solved here. 

Giants – Burn (Same)

I would keep this selection the same. He had the Eagles last year so it is fair he gets a slight downgrade. He’s a PML Fed, he’ll be alright. Lol 

NFC West 

Rams – KingKe (Current: Que)

This is the new guy JT brought in. I don’t know how his tryout game went or anything but I think this would have been a good fit for him. The Rams were a team that just needed to be filled and I would have him here. Que is too good of a user for this roster in my opinion. 

Cards – Goose (Same)

I’d keep this the same, he does a lot for the league and he’ll find a way to compete with this team again. 

Seahawks – Drama (Same)

I would keep this selection the same as well. Rather than run like most guys in the league he would have to adapt to passing the ball with Wilson.

Niners – Ant (Same)

A run heavy user with a run heavy team, this is a great fit for him. He had the Falcons last year so why not give him an upgrade as deserved.

AFC West

Chiefs – HD (Current: Greeny)

I know this might be controversial but if he didn’t do much with the Browns why not give him KC? The user you need here can’t be too good or cheesy. Like the Giants guy, HD is a PML Fed. So, I think him knowing the rules in and out would make him play sim with this team. Greeny is too good of a user for this team in my opinion. I think we should’ve kept him away from Mahomes. 

Chargers – Greeny (Current: Superstar)

This team fits Greeny perfect. He can run the ball with Ekeler and dish it out to him as well. He would be a competitor immediately with this roster.

Raiders – CEO (Current: Dlloyd)

I like Dlloyd with the Raiders but I think this would be better for CEO. He would have to deal with a worse team from last year but has 2 RB system he can still take with him here. Jacobs and Drake is a great duo and this guy would use that tandem.

Broncos – Kmac (Same)

I’d keep this the same. I mean he’s a pro gamer so you have to give him the worst team in the division. 

AFC East

Patriots – Que (Current: Wumbo)

This is the perfect team for Que in my opinion. Like most users here, a run heavy guy with a run heavy team now. The 2 TE sets would be nasty with Que here. Wumbo wasn’t the best user for this team in my opinion. This is arguably the worst CFM team in the division other than NYJ and you need a great user for this roster. This fits him perfect and Wumbo would’ve been happy in GB.

Jets – Arod (Same)

Keep this the same, I mean a Jets fan with the Jets team is perfect.

Bills – Bubba (Same)

This is another user who is too good for this team, which is why I put Que in this division. However, Bubba is a big Bills fan so he deserves this team. You just have to give him competition in here if you’re giving him this stacked roster.

Dolphins – Fallen (Same)

Fallen more speed and Will Fuller again. I honestly would have given him any other team but I mainly have him here because Bubba is the Bills. This is a decision solely based off of trying to give Bubba competition. I would keep this the same.

AFC South

Texans – Mole (Current: Cookie)

Mole is referred to as the best user in the league, so I think he should have the worst team in the conference. Cookie can do good anywhere because he gets 100 content points a week, so it is not too bad that he is Houston. I just think it’s only right the best guy gets the worst team here. 

Colts – Cookie (Current: Mole)

Like I said I would have had Mole and Cookie swapped. Right now, Mole is the Colts and is undefeated as expected. He most likely will win the SB and go undefeated with this roster. He’s just too good for this team especially with Buckner at DT. I am sure he user rushes a lot with him probably. Cookie would have been a great fit here though. He deserves an upgrade after having Detroit, the worst team in the league.

Titans – Wimmy (Same)

I would have kept this the same. You need competition in whatever division Mole is in. Wimmy has proven to be one of the top guys and now he has the perfect fit for him. A run heavy guy with Derrick Henry now. This is his best possible shot at an SB run.

Jaguars – Bandit (Same)

I would have kept this the same as well. Bandit is very competitive and talks a lot of trash as well. He’s always said he is a top player in PML. Well now we will finally get to see if he can back it up when facing the best of the best now.

AFC North

Steelers – SuperStar (Current: Nef)

This user is referred to as one of the top guys in the league. He would be the best user in this division so you have to give him the worst team here. 

Browns – Mike D (Current: HD)

This is the best possible team for CFM. Rather than give HD the same roster again I would have given Mike D a shot. This just fits his skill set honestly.

Bengals – Master of None (Current: Ke)

This is the wild card selection. I do not watch games really so I did not know how good Jefe was but he is clearly too good for GB. If I saw flashes of his skills with the Jets I would have given him this roster. This is a big upgrade, you have an amazing future with Chase and Burrow. Defense is solid. Great CFM team for a great user.

Ravens – Nef (Current: Mike D)

Nef is probably the most active user in the league and plays very sim. He had the Niners las year so why not give him an upgrade, it fits his skillset. You need to be careful who you give Lamar Jackson too so why not give it to a PML Fed. Someone who knows the rulebook in and out.