The Loudest Under .500 Teams in the League!

What’s up its hypemike here back with some quick content. I know I barely be in chat but everytime I open discord one of these three teams are talking….and they all under .500. I present to you: The Top 3 Loudest Under .500 Teams in PML

  1. Seahawks – DramaMan ( 3 – 5) ???? ???? ????

This is without a doubt the loudest losing team in the league. Pete Carroll wouldn’t even talk this much if he was losing. This user sees himself as one of the top guys in the league and he is…producing a whopping 0 SB appearances and 0 Conference championship appearances! He has a 97 overall QB and traded for Julio Jones. The man has DK, Julio, and Russell Wilson but has like 3 wins. It is a damn shame what he doing with this team. This is the best part, Wagner wanted to retire! ???? ????  The team was so damn bad Bobby wanted to hang the cleats up. I did not even know it was possible to make Madden players want to retire, crazy. The man went from a 99 OVR to a 75 OVR in a span of 3 weeks. ???? Let’s see if he can turn it around.

  • Steelers – Nef (0 – 7) ???? ???? ????

Coming at number 2 we have Nef, he is part of the PML Feds – the biggest snitches in the league. I do not think he has won a game yet. Hell, he might beat me cause I’m winning too many games with my roster when I need a top 10 pick. Anyways, this man always talking in chat. Every time I check he worried about another man’s team. He just made some moves so let’s see if he can get in the W column. This situation isn’t as bad as Drama’s because the Steelers are a worse team, but damn Nef not doing well. He talking crap to all the new guys when they could be his damn replacements. ???? ????

  • Browns – HD ( 4 – 5) ????

Coming in at number 3 we have the ring leader of the PML Feds, HD himself. He’s been winning lately so I cannot say much about him. On the weekly recap show I said I believed in him to win some games. It looks like when he puts the cop badge away he wins more games. So let’s see if he can keep winning…or will he turn back into a PML Fed and lose more games?