Weeks 8 & 9: Back 2 Back Losses

After playing turnover free football and winning their game against the Carolina Panthers in week 7, the Giants came into week 8 on a high note. In week 8 they had the almost impossible task of stopping Tareek Hill and the high flying Chiefs offense. Coach Burn had an easy game plan set up for this game;  play mistake free football but most importantly don’t get beat deep by Hill. 

The Giants defense played a bend but don’t break defense, and stuck to their gameplan, however in doing so it allowed other players on the Chiefs offense to step up. They only allowed one pass over 30 yards the entire game, however, they were easily gauged by the mid ranged passing attack of the Chiefs. Hardman had one of his best games, as well as running back Edwards-Helaire. 

Daniel Jones and the Giants offense played alright, however, failed miserably with interceptions. Jones threw three on the day which resulted in the Giants being behind late in the game. Late in the fourth quarter, losing by a touchdown, Jones forgot about his inception woes by driving down the field and scoring a touchdown with only seconds left in the game. It all came down to the leg of Gano who missed an extra point earlier in the game. Coach Burn and the Giants trusted Gano to tie the game, however, after waiting for what seemed like forever, Gano kicked and missed the extra point wide left. This kick lost the Giants the game, and all coach Burn could respond with was silence. 

After the game, the Giants were extremely mad at their kicker, so they went right onto the next game versus the Los Vegas Raiders. This game was the last before their bye week, so the game was a must win. Sitting at a record of 3-5 the Giants are still in the wildcard race so a win would go a far way. 

The Giants started this game off strong with a Jones to Slayton deep touchdown, followed by a Blake Martinez pick six to put them up going into the half. After the half, the meltdown began for the Giants. They  played deep, however, that didn’t help as speedster Ruggs caught back to back deep touchdowns putting the Raiders in the driver’s seat. Jones would throw a couple of interceptions, however had the Giants driving at midfield down three late into the fourth quarter. Jones came out in five wide, snapped the ball, looked left, and looked right only to throw an interception on what he thought was going to be an open slant route. This interception put an end to the game, which resulted in the Giants moving to an abysmal record of 3-6. This second half meltdown is one of many that the Giants have had this season. The only thing that has been consistent with the Giants is their consistency to lose in the fourth quarter. They will go into their bye week on a sour note and will have a lot to think about going forward.