Snitching Allegations: New York Jets

We just gone keep these damn interviews rolling. Today I got my man Arod with me to answer a few questions. There are some snitching allegations on him, and today he will address them. Also, he addresses his issue with the DEN front office. The drama just does not stop in this league and that is what separates it from the rest. Will Arod clear his street cred or will he still be known as a rat on the PML streets? Let’s find out. 

Question 1: First off, you’ve had a great season. I think it’s underrated what you’re doing with that garbage of a roster. I tip my cap to you for that. 

Now let’s get to the business. Apparently, there’s some snitching allegations on you man. Folks saying you snitched on DEN about their roster moves. What was the issue with the DEN roster and do you consider anything you did in that situation as snitching?

Arod: “Thank you. I took the Jets on knowing it would be an early struggle. Beginning of the season we were quite a few steps ahead of schedule in the rebuild with a 4-2 record. As of late we’ve had a few tough matchups which didn’t go our way with some of the best in PML, however, I believe we proved the Jets will not be a push over and in seasons ahead we will be a team competing for a wildcard spot.

About Kmac’s rosters, yes, I openly called him out in chat for using Simmons in the SubLB position. Not sure if that necessarily aligns me with ‘PML Feds’, but rather calling out someone who broke rules in order to win a game. We all take PML seriously- well most of us- and when we are sure to follow each rule in our games, it creates an unfair advantage when others choose not to. My main thing was this.  JT and everyone all work hard to make PML what it is today. I didn’t appreciate the open and blatant disrespect to what we all built. That includes breaking rules. Fast forward today and I’m sure now he has a better grasp on the rules and hopefully a better appreciation for our league and all that JT and the rest of the guys put into PML.”

Question 2: You’re one of the key members of the league and have been around for awhile. How do you feel about the addition of the PML Feds and how they have been policing the league as whole? 

Arod: “Yes, I am currently entering 2 full calendar years as a member of PML. PML Feds, even without that title has been around for as long as I could remember. I’ll say this, JT normally doesn’t need PML Feds to inform him of league wrong doings or misconduct. He sees everything, just picks and chooses when/if he wants to drop the hammer down.  Other times he’ll sit back and let chat/PML Feds handle it to get a feel of the temperature, or just to let us handle it amongst ourselves.”

Question 3: You and the DEN front office had a few issues it seemed. Is there anything about that whole debacle with DEN you’d like to get your chest or take the high road?

Arod: “To finish off, I’ll say this. At the end of the day it’s pretty cool I can sit here and say I play Madden and BS with the who’s who that make up the Madden community as a whole. Kmac seems like a cool guy. I don’t take much personal. Being called a b*tch or whatever doesn’t phase me too much. I know he does this for a living and he was provided some selling points to push a 66-6 blow out game as content. Make you money, I’ll never hate on that. So that doesn’t bother me. My only gripe was the way he did it, but again time has passed and hopefully things have changed in his play style and commitment to our league. I wish the Broncos luck on their playoff run and look forward to seeing the transformation to sim style madden.

Thank you for having me Hype. Keep doing all you’re doing for the league!”

There you have it, the interview with Arod. This was a great interview. He had great well thought out responses. I always love talking to Arod, from New Yorker to New Yorker. Arguably he had the best responses I have gotten all series long. Let me know who y’all want me to interview next and what y’all think about Arod’s comments.