Coaching Carousel Allegations: Jacksonville Jags

We got a very SPICY interview with my guy Tbandit today. One of the best competitors in the league finally addresses some of the drama that has been surrounding his team lately.

Question 1: There’s been some buzz in the chat about you. Apparently, there’s some coach firing allegations on you. The PML Feds have been hinting at the fact your team wouldn’t have a coach heading into season 2. What are your thoughts on the Feds suggesting your job is in jeopardy?

Bandit: “It is what it is… there’ve been coaches who don’t win without doing content and those folks are still around. I think the feds found joy in my losing streak and used that along with the lack of content to make noise about getting me outta here. The feds can kiss my a** but out of respect for the great work JT does, I plan on doing more content to show gratitude for the time he puts in to make pml what it is.”

Question 2: You’ve always been a competitor. Now you’re playing against the best of the best in your division. Some have been on you in chat about in game performance. What are your thoughts moving forward this season after a shaky start and people like the Los Angeles Rams front office…clowning you?

Bandit: “I feel good about where I’m at, I started 4-0 and lost 5 straight which got the haters blood flowing but then bounced back nicely. I never panicked as I knew my skill and knowledge of the game would take over to help me prevail in key situations. Here we are 3 weeks later on a 3-game win streak with us being in the playoffs if they started today. The afc playoff race is a gauntlet and my final 5 weeks are rough but when locked in I like me over pretty much anybody. 

First off, he didn’t clown nobody it was just nerds in chat boosting a false statement because I don’t go like that. Idk where lil quesentina’s energy came from, we were cool in the same division last cycle but clearly things have changed. Buddy got reckless talking out of pocket calling me his “son” like he wasn’t fighting for scraps (2nd/3rd place) all but 1 season last cycle but how quickly the lames in chat forgot. It’s easy to talk when you free from me in that suspect nfc but when it was time to line up, we handled business per usual.”

Question 3: We know your not involved with the PML Feds. However, give me your thoughts on them as a whole. Do you feel like they need to be here or should they have their focus elsewhere? 

Bandit: “The feds need to take some time out of their day and get some cheeks, them boys be worried about everybody else but THEMSELVES looking for trouble. As much as I dislike the feds, they’re good for pml and they bring extra drama a good 2-3 time per week so I definitely don’t want them gone. People wouldn’t dislike the feds as much if they applied pressure like they do in chat on the actual field, but we know how that goes. Fyi as much as everybody dislikes Hd at times, nef is the worst fed especially since he been activelye trying to get me replaced..hoe but in all honesty I mess with 99% of the people in pml (Not Wumbo) including the feds and every little person that has a role in this league.”

There you have it! Whew!!! Bandit came with the juice. I love his energy in this one. What are you all thought on this interview and who do you want to join me next?