Does Home Field Advantage ACTUALLY Matter In PML In Madden 22?

Does home field advantage in Madden 22 in the Premiere Madden league? Let’s take a deep dive… [NOTE: This sample size is as of Week 13 with Bills vs Patriots and Steelers vs Ravens left to play]

AFC East:

Bills: 4-1 Home    4-2 Away

Dolphins: 4-3  Home     4-2 Away

Patriots: 3-4  Home      3-2 Away  (2 Home 3 Away since Prob takeover)

Jets: 1-5  Home             3-3 Away 

Total: 12-13 Home.       14-9 Away

AFC North: 

Ravens: 4-2 Home    2-3 Away   (4-1 home 2-0 away since Jak takeover)

Bengals: 2-4 Home 3-3 Away

Browns: 3-3 Home.  1-5 Away

Steelers: 1-5 Home 0-5 Away

Total: 10-14 Home.     6-16 Away

AFC South:

Colts: 7-0 Home.  6-0 Away

Titans: 6-1 Home.  3-3 Away

Jaguars: 4-3 Home    2-3 Away

Texans: 4-2 Home.   2-4 Away

Total: 21-6 Home.      13-10 Away

AFC West: 

Broncos: 5-1 Home   3-3 Away

Raiders: 4-3 Home.   2-3 Away

Chargers: 3-3 Home 4-2 Away

Chiefs:    3-4 Home.   3-2 Away

Total: 15-11 Home.    12-10 Away

AFC Total: 58-44 Home.   45-45 Away

AFC Synposis: The AFC East is an anomaly it seems with a much better away record, let by the Jets’s away-prowess. But the AFC North, the weakest division in the conference, seems to get a slight boost at home. The AFC South is very interesting, a top division with an oddly sub-par Away record. The Titans splits are eyebrow-raising. The AFC West Is fairly even home vs away, the Chiefs an interesting ream doing better on the road.

The AFC having a .500 Away stands out more than the Home record. Let’s check out the NFC now…

NFC East:

Cowboys: 4-2 Home.  4-2 Away

WFT: 5-1 Home    2-4 Away

Giants: 2-4 Home.  1-5 Away

Eagles: 1-4 Home.  3-5 Away

Total: 12-11 Home.  10-16 Away

NFC North: 

Packers: 5-0 Home.  7-0 Away

Lions: 5-1 Home.    5-1 Away

Vikings:   2-3 Home.   4-3 Away

Bears:   2-4 Home.   3-3 Away

Total: 14-8 Home.    19-7 Away

NFC South: 

Saints:   3-3 Home.   2-4 Away

Bucs: 2-3 Home.     3-4 Away

Falcons: 3-3 Home.    1-5 Away

Panthers:  1-5 Home.   1-5 Away

Total: 9-14 Total.   7-18 Away

NFC West: 

Rams:   4-2 Home.  3-3 Away

49ers:   2-4 Home.  3-3 Away

Seahawks:   3-3 Home.   1-5 Away

Cardinals: 1-4 Home.   0-7 Away

Total: 10-13 Home. 7-18 Away

NFC Total: 45-46 Home.   43-57 Away

NFC Synposis: Wow, a legitimate case for home field advantage mattering could be made here. The NFC East heavily struggles on the road, especially WFT vs their dominant home splits. The North seems unfazed by Home vs Away. But the NFC South and the NFC West, arguably the 2 weakest division in PML, seem to really need the home field advantage to boost their slim chances of winning games.


Home: 103-90     Away: 88-102

While this case study is fairly simple and doesn’t cover the strength of schedule for each team’s home and away opponents, a +13 advantage at home stands out. If you haven’t paid attention to your home field advantages and in game momentum factors yet, it might be worth looking into. It could be the difference between a late season playoff push or taking an early seat in January.