Stat Padding Allegations: Green Bay Packers

There are a whole lot of allegations on some users in PML. So why not keep asking the users themselves how they feel about them? Today I am joined by El Jefe. He is at the top of my division and basically secured home field advantage for the NFL Playoffs. He is undefeated right now and his team is becoming even better than it was before, which is scary. There’s been some guys behind closed doors accusing him of stat padding and things of that nature….today he addresses those.

Question 1: First off, congrats on a hell of a season so far and embarrassing half of the league. You’re playing lights out. The main reason I’m here today is to ask you a couple questions about your stat padding allegations. We do not know if anyone has pressed charges, but the PML Feds are watching you apparently. How do you feel about these stat padding allegations on you?

Jefe: “Appreciate the question boss, however I was unaware of being under the eye of Stat padding. I don’t think it’s a matter of how I feel about the allegations, the film will show that is not the case and I don’t believe I have had an opponent feel I did any stat padding during our games.”

Question 2: The main game that caught the attention of the PML Feds was your game against CHI. You dropped damn near 80 points on my boy Noble. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many points dropped on someone’s head. People saying you stat padded and went overboard that game, to this you say what?

Jefe: “If reference to this particular game. I think my opponent summed it up rather quickly when he stated in the room “he has no issues with the final score” unfortunately it was game that got away from him in the end. This happens to all of us at some point. Noble is a great Coach and User I’m sure the second game will not come close to the first.”

Question 3: What are your plans at QB? You have an amazing QB in Rodgers but have Love behind him as well. You haven’t traded either player. No matter what, you have the Avengers as their supporting cast. You can go with either QB with that situation. Is this the last dance for Rodgers or is there potential for a few more dances?

Jefe: “My QB situation is a bit of an enigma at this point but a good one to have. As we move forward through the season and off season I will take a look at that situation and hopefully make the correct decisions.”

That’s all I have for today with Jefe. It was cool chopping it up with him today. Did he clear his name? It will be interesting to see how the league reacts to his comments. The league will only pay more and more attention to him since he keeps winning.