Cheese Allegations: Papagreeny

We got arguably the most hated man in PML besides Natural with me today. This interview might do numbers. Greeny finally addresses the cheese allegations from PML and the PML Federal department. 

Question 1: You’ve always been a playoff user. When you win there’s a lot of attention around your name. “Cheese” has been associated with your name ever since you first joined PML. How do you feel about people who think you “cheese” and do you have anything you want to say to clear your name?

Greeny: “I don’t think this is actually a thing. There’s a couple people who try to talk for the league but that’s about it. As far as the “cheese” in question I’ve talked about this before. I have a bad habit of rolling to the right. It’s not to break the system or play maker around, I was out of madden for a bit before Arod brought me back in madden 20. I was rusty and couldn’t read the field, so I’d shuffle right to make my reads smaller and easier. It became a really bad habit that actually limited my game more than anything. Still working on getting out of that habit but I do feel I have become better with this. The other thing people talked about was my rushing last cycle, even if someone else led league in rushing or attempts it would still be my head on the chopping block. I play the game within its limits and PML rules. I don’t know how to bring glitchy pressure on defense or pass like the elite so I’m not sure why I am constantly the target. I had one game last cycle with 30 rush attempts vs cookie and he hasn’t stopped bashing me since. It’s funny to see his guy have 29 catches in two weeks, but that’s fine I guess. Problem drops a video of Josh Allen doing the craziest shit ever, and it’s still GREENY ROLLS OUT. It’s honestly laughable at this point.”

Question 2: You’re in a tough division and one of the guys in your division is a pro player with the Broncos. After I’ve played him myself and seeing some of the league’s feelings about him….do you feel the “cheese” claims should be associated more with him rather than yourself?

Greeny: “That guy is a solid madden player, I mean it’s his job he should be good at it right. He knows how to manipulate things just due to sheer hours on the game. He makes really good reads as he’s probably seen everything madden has to offer. His 6.2 sim score speaks for itself on the cheese allegations. Every pass play it a wheel route or corner route combo. He’s going to be a tough opponent for the rest of his cycle.”

Question 3: You traded for an RB this cycle, but an older one. How have things been going in KC since you have made this move? Do you regret or love the trade you made?

Greeny: “I have loved having Mostert. Part of why I traded for him and gave up a future first was because I had a trade for a future first coming back to me. That second trade then backed out and I wasn’t going to go back on my trade for Mostert. Prior to trading for him I ran 4 full 4 season cycle sims. On average he’s still 90-91 speed in year 5. If he can age gracefully like that then it’s an absolute no brainer in my book. Ceh wasn’t it for me. So many times he would be tackled from behind while having nothing but open field ahead of him. If mostert regresses by 3 speed this year he will still be 7 speed faster then my previous starter ceh. I look forward to Mostert helping us the rest of the cycle.”

There it is. The interview with my guy Greeny. I will admit, at first I thought he was cheesy too so I was interested in his responses. After playing KMFO and Kmac, I think people in PML should appreciate users like Greeny and Mole more…. Till then I will see y’all next time!