PML Week 7 Power Rankings

Analysis (1-16 Arod) (17-32 TBandit)

1.Philadelphia Eagles (6-1)

After his heartbreaking week 2 loss to reigning Superbowl champion Mole and the Colts, KMFO has gotten on track with his new team and has destroyed everything in his path- including 73 points on the Lions.  He rightfully reclaims his spot atop of the power rankings after a knocking off 4 consecutive super bowl titles last cycle.  Lets put it this way, he’s never not won a super bowl since entering PML.

2. New England Patriots (6-1)

The Madden GOAT starts the season with a 0-0 record and has not disappointed.  A top 10 defense to go along with a MVP-like season from Damien Harris. Through week 8, the tailback has over 700 yards on the ground and close to 500 yards receiving.  The final scores don’t stand out, but the Patriots are playing solid football and winning games. 

3. Indianapolis Colts (4-2)

The reigning Super Bowl champ how shown some vulnerability lately as the Colts have dropped 2 of their last 4 games.  Carson Strong has shown some flashes of brilliance, but at other times he has shown that he is indeed a rookie.  This season will be a true test for Mole and the Colts.

4. Denver Broncos (5-2)

Broncos are in win now mode after taking on Tom Brady in what could very well be is farewell tour.  The 45-year-old pocket passer who entered the league in 2000, is on pace to possibly produce (5) 1,000-yard receivers.  He very well could have taken the top spot in our rankings, but a loss to Dramaman in week 6 sets KMac back a few paces. 

5. Los Angeles Chargers (5-1)

The forgotten one, ZStar has shown he belongs in title contention conversation.  The schedule hasn’t been easy, but the Chargers stand tall at 5-1 amongst a who’s who of competition in the AFC conference.  Herbert has been lights out (16TD/3INT), and the defense is playing at a top 5 level.  With Mole and KMac on the upcoming schedule, ZStar could make some noise in the conference. 

6. Kansas City Chiefs (5-1)

Wumbo’s hired assassin has been just as advertised since entering the league.  KC’s stock is on the rise with 5 straight victories over Texans, Colts, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Raiders, DK is showing he belongs in PML.  Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs find themselves in the top 4 by the end of the season. 

7. Tennessee Titans (4-2)

The AFC barrage continues with the Tennessee Titans coming in at number 7.  While Wimmy is still trying to find an identity at the quarterback position, one thing is still a constant, Derrick Henry will be doing Derrick Henry things.  Wimmy and the Titans knew they were in for a gauntlet this season with a schedule looking like a bull blown horror movie.  Let me give you a preview. Upcoming: Mole, DK, KingMike, KMFO, Cook, TBandit, CEO, ZStar, DLloyd, Cook.  Stay tuned Titan fans.

8. Green Bay Packers (4-2)

Packers take a big drop on the PML big board after a loss to LQ this past week.  However, lets keep in mind, that other loss to Buffalo was a fair sim and was not played by user El Jefe.  New narrative alert. Could this be the last hurrah for Aaron Rodgers?  After a 1TD/3INT performance, Arod now has 10 interceptions on the season compared to 6 touchdowns- and the once feared air attack of the Packers has been nothing more than a shell of itself based on season 1 standards. 

9. Los Angeles Rams (4-2)

Que asked for competition within the division and got exactly that.  A home loss to AntDawg and the 49ers has given coach Que a quick wakeup call that this season may not be a cakewalk to a division title.  With the Seahawks also playing improved football, the Rams may have to set the table for some visitors atop the NFC West.  Rams boast a top 10 defense, however, until they get the offense running, this could be an interesting race for the divisional crown.

10. Buffalo Bills (5-2)

Getting lost in the mix of AFC title contenders is Bubba and his Buffalo Bills.  Looking up at the Rams one spot ahead, the Week 8 GOTW gives Buffalo a legitimate chance to call our ranking fake news if he takes care of business at home vs Que.  Aside from an embarrassing loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in week 3, the Bills are playing top notch football and have proven they could hang with the best of them.

11. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

Where is the love for the 5-1 Cowboys?  Arent they ½ a game back from KMFO for the NFC East lead?  Here is the dilemma- the Cowboys early season success could be attributed to a light schedule.  Aside from the 49ers just climbing above .500, the other 4 wins are against teams .500 and under.  The Cowboys could move up on the rankings.  Lets revisit these claims after CEO plays weeks 9-14 (Jefe, TBandit, KMFO, Mole, KingMike, Wimmy).  Respectfully, you give us 4 wins out of these games, I’ll call you a top 5 team. 

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

Its been a roller coaster season for the Jaguars.  After defeating the defending Super Bowl Champion Colts week 3, they followed it up with a dud giving Las Vegas their first win of the season.  Fans are calling for coach TBandit to give the speedy Travis Etienne Jr. the rock and let him break lose out the backfield.  He’s shown he could contribute in the passing game, but the 31st ranked rushing attack needs to take some pressure off 2nd year quarterback Trevor Lawrence if they want to compete in an already overcrowded conference. 

13. Miami Dolphins (4-3)

Dolphins made a big splash last week acquiring former MVP and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.  The Dolphins have ripped off 3 straight wins after an early season struggle. A generous upcoming schedule should allow the Dolphins to position themselves in the playoff race.  Lets find out if Russell Wilson could further boost an already potent air raid in Miami.

14. Houston Texans (3-4)

The ups and downs of a major rebuild.  Nobody said it was going to be easy for Cookieboy and this Texans roster.  You could tell he wants to compete, but the pieces just aren’t there yet in a ultra-tough division.  The defense has actually looks solid as the Texans are reluctant to give up big yards on the ground or in the air.  However, the issue continues to be the offense as they perform at bottom 3 levels statistically. Could the newly acquired Mostert revamp a lifeless ground game in Houston? We may be another season away from competitive Texans football. 

15. Baltimore Ravens (3-3)

It was once said the Ravens beat the teams they are supposed to beat, and play the top teams very close.  That all held true until the Ravens were upset in Hines by three-scores to the Pittsburg Steelers.  What once looked like a runaway division in favor of the Ravens, now looks to potentially be a 3-man race to the finish line.  Will the cream rise to the top?

16. Washington Football Team (2-4)

The Sly Fox of PML strikes again.  With the panic alarms ringing in the nation’s capital, KingMike goes stalking the user list for a new trade partner- seeking out the most vulnerable.  He targets in on what seems to be the weakest in its pack.  He finds Cammy, owner of the 2-5 New Orleans Saints.  We seen how this played out last season when he set his sights on the then 2-8 Arizona Cardinals. After engaging in conversations and the smoke clears, the Sly Fox strikes.  Walking away with a superstar x-factor, while Cammy stands there holding a 93 speed receiver and a 4th round pick.  Moral of the story, KingMike is ready to make his jump up the standings.  Also, be careful out there when trading fellas.  Always have a peer or two you ask for advice before making a deal.

17. Seattle Seahawks (4-3)

After missing out on the playoffs in season 1 Drama made some moves that were questionable, potentially tarnishing any potential success the Seahawks were going to have in this Pml cycle. Sending Dk Metcalf and Russell Wilson away for ultimately Xavien Howard, Tua and 3 first round picks is crazy to some but so far so good as Drama is in a better spot than he was a year from today. I’m all for Drama succeeding so hopefully he builds off this win vs Kmam and turns it into a playoff berth. If not, he’s a fu***ng bum.

18. San Francisco 49ers (4-3)

Ant and the Niners are looking to make moves this year after bolstering that front 7 in the Off- season which some say is the best in Pml. With wins over Que and Hypemike, Ant and the Niners are heading in the right direction potentially, is the timeshare finally up or will Ant be exposed as an average coach at best?

19. Detroit Lions (2-4)

Hypemike has had a tough go so far in season 2 after trading for who was thought to be the franchise altering guy in Baker Mayfield. Maybe it’s him or maybe the roster? Only time will tell, Mike has ample time to figure things out with the Nfc being as weak as it is where you can win 7 games and be in contention for a playoff spot.

20. Chicago Bears (3-4)

Noble started off the season playing good football along with some quality wins vs Jefe and close games with top guys like Bubba and Mike. Justin Fields is in good hands but some of the questionable moves made by the front office have hampered his growth as an elite QB in PML. Noble is in the mix right now but how long before that lack of talents starts to weigh on him?

21. Cleveland Browns (3-4)

Hd and the Browns have been all over the place after looking like they hit gold in the draft. The Browns front office has given up on who was thought to be the  franchise savior after 2 weeks, causing the city of Cleveland to go crazy. From inconsistent play to inconsistent decisions in the front office, the Browns will need some type of stability if they want any parts of of that Afc North Crown

22. Atlanta Falcons (3-4)

Vet and the Falcons had a rough season 1 but are trending in a great direction come week 7 of this season. Getting the best tackle and best qb in the 2nd round has changed life in Atlanta, those 2 along with Kyle Pitts have the Falcons looking in prime position to win the Nfc South crown while the rest of the division looks to be in shambles.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4)

Nef took a bunch of slack for some of his draft moves but at this moment he’s playing quality football which has resulted in some big wins. The balanced attack of QB1 JT Daniels and Najee Harris has paid dividends so far but can he keep it up? The way the Afc North has shaken up so far, I could see nef seriously contending for the division crown.

24. New York Giants (2-4)

Burn and the Giants have finally settled down after starting on a high note this year. The Giants have struggled to find an identity through 24 games this cycle and it’s looking like they’ll never find that recipe for success. It’s either figure out how to spread the wealth among all your playmakers or clean house and let somebody else utilize some of the great talent on their roster.

25. Arizona Cardinals (2-4)

Goose and the Cardinals have already doubled their win total from season 1 and have shown some signs of life, whether it’s no streaming or no face cam it’s working. With a very winnable 3 game stretch coming up we could see an above .500 Cardinals team heading into the back half of the season.

26. New Orleans Saints (2-5)

Coming off a wild card berth in season 1, season 2 hasn’t gone as expected but after trading for Curtis Samuel hopefully he’s the player that changes the trajectory of the franchise. Having a deep threat not allowing you to put 9 in the box might change life orrrr it might just cause Cammy to be pass happy resulting in a non-playoff season, only time will tell.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5)

The transition from Tom Brady to Drew Lock isn’t as easy as Mali thought, while getting some major pieces in return the transition at qb is causing the downfall of the Buccaneers. Being in the Nfc South he still has a chance at redemption but he needs to tighten up early or he’ll be drafting his franchise qb in the top 10.

28. Cincinnati Bengals (2-5)

King Ke and the Bengals came into the season with high expectations coming off an active and entertaining off-season. Those expectations died quickly and the Bengals are back to reality but can the franchise led by Cole Turner right the ship? Things need to change in Cincy before they make change at Head Coach.

29. Carolina Panthers (2-5)

Jt and the Panthers have been slightly better in season 2 but just aren’t quite there yet. With this crucial 4 game stretch coming up it’s make or break for Cam Newton and the entire coaching staff in Charlotte

30. New York Jets (1-6)

Arod has started the season in the worst possible way after making headlines all off-season. There’s a ton of pieces to build on but those guys may just not be ready to compete yet. These last 11 games will be all about growth and progression.

31. Las Vegas Raiders (1-6)

The Raiders have started season 2 in the worst way, after having a solid season 1 the tide has changed and some major changes need to be made. After experimenting with rookie QB Jayden Daniels they quickly aborted that plan and will be looking to start a rebuild with the next QB of the future.

32. Minnesota Vikings (1-6)

JP has fallen into a major slump after starting the cycle on a high note. After starting the season 4-1 last year he’s 4-14 in his last 18 games and trending in the direction of taking his qb of choice with the 1st Overall pick. Major changes need to be made in Minneapolis unless another top 5 pick will be in the works next season.