Official S4 AFC East Division Predictions w/ JAC


JAC’s Prediction:

1 Bills

2 Jets

3 Miami

4 Patriots 

Breakdown: This division was tough to rank. For #1, you can’t rule out one of the top offenses in the league when he won the division in dominant fashion the past few seasons. Jets at #2 may be surprising, but he drafted James Williams and has an overall great roster thanks to Arod. Spdot is going to take the league by storm, but it is unclear if he can overcome Bubba’s system just yet. Dolphins are experimenting with a new run game so they may be out of a comfortable place until late season. Patriots are still suffering from Problems with their roster (Get it?), so they may need one more season to recover.

Hypemike’s Prediction:

1 Bills

2 Patriots

3 Jets

4 Dolphins

Breakdown: I know, I know…I took a complete 180 with this division here. I still have the Bills winning, but the other three standings have changed. The Jets had an INSANE draft. That team has had so many top 10 picks that they have become an actual powerhouse. I mean there is just speed and power everywhere. Just for how stacked that Jets roster is now, I believe they will come in third in this division. In shocking fashion, I think the Dolphins will come in last in this division. All of these teams may have 8 or more wins, but it is just too competitive. That Bills team is stacked with broken players and Greeny just has the user skill to overcome how crazy these AFC East rosters are.