Opening day coverage from Week 1 of the NFL Season featuring the Washington Commanders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars camp at FedEx Field, Landover, MD, September, 11th, 2022. (All-Pro Reels / Joe Glorioso)

QB Check-in: Trevor Lawrence

pThe Pittsburgh Steelers were top 3 in thrown interceptions last year with rookie Kenny Pickett. This offseason they took it upon themselves to make an interesting trade and replace the kid. We checked in with Coach Arod, heres what happen…

HD – How did the Steelers go about acquiring Trevor Lawrence?

CA – HypeMike and I talked all season long. Him being more the aggressor to move Lawrence. I entertained it but he would always disappear and say he got a better off and then come back like I was some side chick trying to sell me a deal again. Eventually in the off season he did it once more, we had a deal in place and he was going to ship TLaw to NYJ (inside info). That deal fell apart and he came back to me again where I told him he has 5 minutes to decide no more backing out. Eventually we submitted and the trade committee blocked it- citing the Steelers needed to send (2) 1st and a 2nd. I absolutely was not doing that. So we resubmitted sending a 1st and 2nd for Lawrence which was ultimately approved.

HD – Even though it was a disappointing loss, how do you feel about his week 1 performance?

CA – Week 1 we really didn’t have bright spots to build off of as much as I wanted to find one. The 1st half we played exactly how we wanted to, low scoring ball control. Cards struck 1st midway in the 2nd to break a 3-3 tie and we were forced to play catchup the 2nd half. The top 3 OL went down so a lot of the game plan was scratched in the 2nd half and the rest is history. Justin Simmons, all 6’4 of him was an absolute monster the entire game. A few reads I seen as legitimately open, he was able to use height and speed to take the ball away. DLloyd played perfect football, I cannot take that away, and in an early chess match he prevailed. He was able to stick to the plan, more than likely a similar plan as mine. Hats off to his game plan.

HD – What can we expect this year from the Steelers offense, compare to last year?

CA – Steelers were built to compete this season not only within the division, but the conference. Trading away draft assets this past season and next season solidifies those plans. We feel the AFC is wide open and given the right circumstances, we could make a playoff run this season. Although week 1 didn’t illustrate these thoughts, we feel like the roster and team are trending up and we look forward to week 2 vs the Dolphins.p