Week 1 GOTW.. Panthers @ Titans; Eagles @ Dolphins..

pMe and my sidekick codes, whom I’ve taken under my media wing, reached out to the coaches for this week’s SPORTSBOOKS GAMES OF THE WEEK!!

Here is what they had to say…

First from Carolina, Coach JayTee:

HD – You guys drafted Anthony Richardson 1st overall this offseason. What’re the expectations going into week 1 and how do you think he will perform against this improved Tennessee defense?

JT – Goal is going to be to protect the ball and keep things simple and try not to get into a shootout.

HD – With DJ Moore being shipped off this offseason, who do you expect to step up and take on his role this week?

JT – Terrace Marshall Jr, Arik Gilbert, Tommy Tremble, Laviska Shenault, and Christian will all play a big part in the passing game.

HD – What do you think is the weakest part of this Tennessee team and how do you plan to attack it?

JT – We are going to test them in the trenches on both sides of the ball and try to capitalize on any mistakes.

Now over to Codes and Coach Bubba from Tennecheese.. I mean Tennessee:

CC – First, I wanna say good job on the draft in my opinion you had a really good one. What are your thoughts on your draft and which rookie/rookies if any do you expect to step up in this game vs JT?

CB – Loved how my draft needed up, coming in I had my sights set on Bijan no matter what, and he has not disappointed, he’s got size speed and a little bit of everything else, and a lot of offense will be run through him on the ground. JSN is another guy that I loved to add to my young core of WRs. Did not expect to him fall to me that late, but so glad he did have been stellar in preseason work. Both these guys gonna be given some work vs JT and we need guys to start stepping up.

CC – Malik had a pretty rough year 1, what are the expectations you have for him this year and what have you done to help him reach those standards?

CB – Malik has made me really take a step back as a madden player and simplify my game. I was spoiled with Allen last year with being able to do anything I tried to run the same type of offense out the gate and it was a massive failure. That being said I went into the offseason and really tried to use Malik to his best ability. The Henry trade was a punt move and this season you will start to see that move pan out a bit more. I feel like we’ve put Malik in the best position we can to succeed, adding an elite deep threat in Quez, adding a great young RB in Bijan, upgrading the OL and putting lots of content into everyone.

CC – I know it’s very early, but everyone wants to know… how do you see the season going? All last cycle you were a playoff player, and then year 1 of this season you missed the playoffs. Is this year gonna be a step in the right direction and just focus on the rebuild or do you see yourself really competing for a spot in the playoffs?

CB – I’m gonna surprise some people this year, call it what you will but last season was not reflective of the kind of Madden player I am and what I’m about, I hope to bounce back strong this season, I don’t want to overreach but I believe I can definitely compete for a playoff spot, and also compete for seeding within my own division.

Panthers @ Titans is set to kick off around 4:30pm est on 11/23.

Next up we have Coach Wumbo in Philly and Coach Key from Miami

HD – its week 1… everyone is 0-0… how do u feel about being the underdog headed into Miami? does that matter to the Philly locker room?

CW – If you know Philly you know we don’t give a d***. We’re always looked down on even when we were winning games last year. You saw what happened in Philly the last time they were the underdogs.

HD – Jalen didn’t play this preseason for obvious reasons as QB1, do you think the offense will have a slow start or pick up where they left off week 18?

CW – I have full confidence in the offense. The 1s did not see the field in any of the three preseason games and we still went 3-0. Preseason or not, every other team we played had their 1s in for parts of the game.

HD – Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle… what’s your plan to stop those two speed demons??

CW – We’re going to have to lean on first round pick Joey Porter Jr to step up in his first game. Hill and Waddle are some of the toughest assignments in the whole league, but we drafted him for his ability to guard any type of WR we may face.

Let’s see what Coach Key has to say.

CC – You know I’m a huge Tua fan. Last year was a bad year for both you and him. A lot of bad comments towards him from you. This season do you think anything will change? Could he change your mind and come out balling and prove he’s a franchise QB, or are you 100% moving on when you have the option to?

CK – We are moving on from Tua. If you have not played with a left-handed QB this cycle … especially in PML… you do not understand the struggle. On top of the arm strength, and the inability to pass under pressure…he’s just not a viable option. We will see the rookie Kedon Slovis take over the starting QB role in a new Miami offense.

CC – First game is against one of the most hated and disrespected players in PML. Every game vs Wumbo is pretty much a trap game. If you lose not only does Wumbo talk trash, but the whole league will be on your head. How do you see this game ending?

CK – I bet on myself. If I lose, I’ll just have to accept the fact I’m washed.

CC – Before the cycle started you said you saw this cycle as a bowl or bust… as in if you don’t make the super bowl you will retire. Last season I think we can both say wasn’t a step in the right direction. How do you see this season going?

CK – It’s all perspective. Our corners are up there in age, so we definitely have to make a run while we have that talent still in prime form. I believe we will make a playoff run, but how deep we gets depends on what we learn during this season. I believe with reps we can get back to being a competitive coach and change the storyline. But honestly, we aren’t looking that far. The only thing we can think about is our game next week against the Eagles. One game at a time.

Eagles @ Dolphins is at 4pm est on 11/23!

Hope this gave some of yall an inside look at this week’s game and don’t forget to get your bets in! See yall for week 2..