Free Agency Recap W/ Grades (After Eval 1)

91 XF HB David Montgomery: Steelers: 5 Yrs, 24.5M Salary, 23M Bonus: C until Najee Harris is moved

86 Star FS Micah Hyde: Patriots: 3 Yrs, 29.1M Salary, 24M Bonus: F sorry nef it was a mistake but it’s a bad mistake

85 Star DT DJ Reader: Broncos: 2 Yrs, 10.6M Salary, 14.8M Bonus: B+ as long as he doesn’t insanely regress after this offseason it’s a great pickup at not too expensive for the DT market

85 Star RE Carl Lawson: Bears: 2 Yrs, 22.2M Salary, 22M Bonus: B would be a lower grade for any other team but they have money to spend and this was a big position of need

85 Normal MLB Bobby Wagner: Giants: 1 Yr, 6.7M Salary, 4.5M Bonus: A him and Queen gonna be great in the middle and it’s only a 1 year deal so not really an overpay

85 Star HB AJ Dillon: Seahawks: 6 Yrs, 28.2M Salary, 24M Bonus: B it’s a reasonable price and a valuable player but he has Walker and Robinson already

83 Star FS Xavier McKinney: Texans: 3 Yrs, 11.4M Salary, 9M Bonus: B- good deal but he has 86 speed

83 Star DT Grover Stewart: Patriots: 1 Yr, 4.5M Salary, 6.9M Bonus: A reasonable deal for a great DT in this market

83 Star DT Fletcher Cox: Colts: 1 Yr, 7M Salary, 7.3 M Bonus: D big position of need but could have bid on Grover or Reader for less per year

82 Star MLB Leighton Vander Esch: Texans: 5 Yrs, 27M Salary, 18.5M Salary: A- position of need and not crazy expensive

81 Star WR Devin Duvernay: Jets: 3 Yrs, 17.1M Salary, 9M Bonus: A pretty solid WR2 for them at a reasonable price for 93 speed

80 Star SS Terrell Burgess: Jets: 4 Yrs, 12.4M Salary, 8M Bonus: A great value especially for no interest and a pretty good safety

80 Star CB James Bradberry IV: Rams: 1 Yr, 3M Salary, 2.4M Bonus: B+ solid player solid deal for 1 season

80 Star CB Cameron Dantzler: 49ers: 2 Yrs, 6.6M Salary, 8M Bonus: B cb room is set for them now but just bad fit imo

79 Normal WR Robbie Anderson: Rams: 2 Yrs, 9.8M Salary, 5M Bonus: A highway robbery for a 96 speed receiver in this league especially in that offense

79 Star WR Jalen Reagor: Saints: 3 Yrs, 10.5M Salary, 8.1M Bonus: A very reasonable price for a solid receiver for the rest of the cycle

79 Normal WR Curtis Samuel: Chargers: 3 Yrs, 12M Salary, 6M Bonus: A another WR steal and the speed piece at pass catcher that the chargers needed

79 Normal P Corey Bojorquez: Falcons: 3 Yrs, 6M Salary, 3M Bonus: C it’s a punter for 3M a year at least he’s good

78 Normal LT Taylor Lewan: Vikings: 1 Yr, 9.3M Salary, 5.1 Bonus: B+ overpay yes but a position of need and just 1 year

78 Star FS Grant Delpit: 49ers: 1 Yr, 6.6M Salary, 4.3M Bonus: B overpay but it’s a good young player for 1 year I’m assuming he’s gonna try and adapt to the motivations and resign longterm

78 Normal K Cairo Santos: Jets: 2 Yrs, 5.8M Salary, 2.6M Bonus: B- I mean it’s an important position but that’s almost 4M a year for a kicker

77 Normal LOLB Akeem Davis-Gaither: Bengals: 3 Yrs, 10.5M Salary, 10.2M Bonus: A great value and locked down for the cycle especially after trading Logan Wilson

77 Normal MLB Drue Tranquill: Falcons: 2 Yrs, 8M Salary, 7M Bonus: A- reasonable price and good player

77 Normal RG Jon Runyan: Saints: 1 Yr, 1.7M Salary, 1.5M Bonus: A+ amazing value don’t know why this is only a 1 year deal he’s only 27

77 Normal FS Kyle Fuller: Vikings: 1 Yr, 1.9M Salary, 1.1M Bonus: B+ good value for 1 year

76 Normal FS William Jackson III: Giants: 1 Yr, 2.7M Salary, 2M Bonus: B+ same as above

76 Star RG Ezra Cleveland: Seahawks: 3 Yrs, 12.3M Salary, 8.1M Bonus: A great value to protect the QB

75 Normal LG Justin Pugh: Saints: 1 Yr, 1.4M Salary, 2M Bonus: C+ the most average FA signing but even more reason Runyan should’ve been a multi year contract

75 Star TE Eric Ebron: Bears: 2 Yrs, 5M Salary, 5.4M Bonus: B- reasonable price and position of need but a 2 year deal on him may be a waste

75 Normal C Bradley Bozeman: Texans: 1 Yr, 2.7M Salary, 2.6M Bonus: B solid 1 yr deal for a solid aging center

73 Normal LOLB K’Lavon Chaisson: Rams: 3 Yrs, 7.8M Salary, 5.7M Bonus: B+ great potential but still a solid backup if he doesn’t at a cheap price

72 Normal HB Kene Nwangwu: Giants: 3 Yrs, 5.7M Salary, 2.7M Bonus: A- excellent Matt Breida replacement

72 Normal DT Jaquelin Roy: Bengals: 3 Yrs, 6M Salary, 3.9M Bonus: B solid depth piece might become something in the future to replace Reader

72 Normal TE Ian Thomas: Eagles: 3 Yrs, 6.3M Salary, 5.4M Bonus: B- pretty solid addition with Henry eating so much cap space

72 Normal CB Chris Claybrooks: Falcons: 3 Yrs, 6.9M Salary, 3M Bonus: C+ expensive kick returner cause he’s not that great at corner unless ur hypemike’s user

71 Normal FB Cethan Carter: Raiders: 2 Yrs, 2.6M Salary, 1M Bonus: B very solid cheap fullback

70 Normal CB Tony Grimes: Bengals: 7 Yrs, 25.9M Salary, 7.7M Bonus: D- this will probably work out well in the future with progression and 93 speed on a cheap contract but it gets a D- for the principle of giving a guy like this a 7 year deal. #Unsim

70 Normal FS Daniel Thomas: Lions: 3 Yrs, 6.3M Salary, 6M Bonus: B+ very good cheap backup safety who can progress

69 Normal QB Jared Goff: Raiders: 1 Yr, 2.8M Salary, 3.7M Bonus: F I don’t care what Carr’s contract was they better be making a move in the draft cause this is disgusting with Adams and Waller wasting away

68 Normal RG Robert Jones: Colts: 3 Yrs, 3M Salary, 300k Bonus: B+ minimum contract for a high quality backup o line with 90 strength

67 Normal ROLB Tariq Carpenter: Seahawks: 4 Yrs, 13.2M Salary, 10.8M Bonus: B- 88 speed is nice but still an overpay for probably a backup or a player who needs to be a user to be good

67 Normal RT Dalton Wagner: Bengals: 3 Yrs, 7.5M Salary, 4.8M Bonus: B+ solid contract for a physical beast who can definitely be a quality starter by next season

67 Normal C Alex Palczewski: Falcons: 3 Yrs, 3.6M Salary, 1.5M Bonus: C solid cheap backup center. lost a grade for 81 strength, lost a grade for making me spell that name

66 Normal RT Dontae Bulls: Colts: 3 Yrs, 4.8M Salary, 2.7M Bonus: C+ a bit of an overpay but another physical beast who’s a solid backup that can turn into a decent starter. sick name as well

55 Normal QB Bryce Perkins: Falcons: 2 Yrs, 3.6M Salary, 800k Bonus: D good contract but cmon Greeny he’s a 55 who cares that he has 89 speed