Saints Bring In A Star

Last offseason the Saints did not have a first round pick and went all out in order to obtain the second pick of the draft. In addition to getting that pick, Coach Burn traded away most of his picks for this season’s draft in order to obtain picks for last season’s draft. The Saints were in a bad cap situation and had to do that in order to field a 53 man roster. They were left with picks 1 and 3. 

Coach Burn went into this offseason with the notion that he wanted to trade this pick. The Saints had plenty of options, including trading down and acquiring another first, trading down and acquiring  another first and second or trading for players and picks. The plan going into the offseason was to sure up their offense line and linebackers. Running the ball and stopping the run are the main priorities going into the new year. 

This is where a deal was struck between the Chargers and the Saints. The Saints traded pick 10 in this season’s draft for SSXF linebacker Joey Bosa, and 3 draft picks, a third, fifth, and seventh. The trade covers everything for the Saints. They needed a linebacker and now  got one of the best in the league. They also needed to get to the minimum of 4 draft picks in the draft. They now have 2 thirds, a fifth, and seventh. 

They are very short in draft picks, however, given all of the rookies they brought in last season, they felt that they have a young roster who they will build as the year progresses. They have a lot of veterans on the team so any pick will most likely sit for the year behind them. 

Acquiring Bosa has now given the Saints one of the best defensive lines in the league. They will have Cam Jordan, and Joey Bosa on the outside, while Davenport and Coburn will rush up the middle.Free agency will be closing soon and rumors have it they are going after offensive lineman and wide receivers. After that it will be on to the draft.