Free Agency Update and Grades

81 Star SS Jordan Fuller: Patriots: 5 Yrs, 16.5M Salary, 11.5M Bonus: C+ solid deal but a very expensive backup or an average starter but with just 87 speed

80 Normal LOLB Ja’Whaun Bentley: Lions: 3 Yrs, 13.5M Salary, 13.5M Bonus: D locked him down for the cycle but is an overpay for someone who is below average

79 Normal CB Amani Oruwariye: Patriots: 2 Yrs, 6.4M Salary, 4.8M Bonus: B+ very solid depth for cheap

79 Normal MLB TJ Edwards: Bears: 2 Yrs, 6.4M Salary, 6.2M Bonus: A very solid MLB on a good contract

79 Normal CB Ahkello Witherspoon: Colts: 1 Yr, 2.8M Salary, 2.2M Bonus: B+ important 3rd option and only decent Cb over 6 ft with the colts on a fine 1 year deal

78 Normal CB Levi Wallace: Eagles: 1 Yr, 2.7M Salary, 2.1M Bonus: B good player good deal but this team’s only QB right now is 60 ovr Spencer Rattler

78 Star TE Cole Kmet: Patriots: 6 Yrs, 16.2M Salary, 17.4M Bonus: B- very good value and good player but even after Henry is gone he’s just the 2

77 Normal MLB Ernest Jones: Lions: 4 Yrs, 14M Salary, 6.8M Bonus: B+ solid contract and a guy to hold down the middle

77 Star RE Alex Highsmith: Chiefs: 4 Yrs, 11.2M Salary, 17.2M Bonus: C a bit of an overpay for a guy who is definitely a solid starter but nothing more

76 Normal MLB Malik Harrison: Colts: 3 Yrs, 6.9M Salary, 4.2M Bonus: B+ great value for a high quality ILB who can plug in if any starter is to go down and locked in for the cycle

74 Normal C Andre James: Bengals: 1 Yr, 2.8M Salary, 2.2M Bonus: C- fine for a 1 yr backup deal but he isn’t even good besides his overall

73 Normal CB Troy Pride Jr: Buccaneers: 2 Yrs, 4M Salary, 3M Bonus: A great value and depth for a fast young corner

73 Normal LG Tytus Howard: Chargers: 2 Yrs, 3M Salary, 2.2M Bonus: B- great deal but would get bullied with that 83 strength if he actually has to play

73 Normal RG Matt Feiler: Falcons: 1 Yr, 3M Salary, 1.6M Bonus: C a bit of an overpay but he’s a strong backup, just don’t make him pull with that 58 speed

73 Normal P Matt Araiza: Chargers: 3 Yrs, 3.6M Salary, 1.5M Bonus: F I don’t care that he has 98 kick power

73 Normal WR Denzel Mims: Chiefs: 3 Yrs, 7.5M Salary, 2.7M Bonus: B+ very good value for a fast tall guy who can definitely make plays if he’s ever needed

72 Normal QB Jalen Hurts: Raiders: 2 Yrs, 8.4M Salary, 8.4M Bonus: B good deal for a fine player but I hope the Raiders still have plans for a higher end guy

72 Normal RT Terence Steele: Raiders: 2 Yrs, 4.2M Salary, 4M Bonus: A- Great worst starter or backup o line at a reasonable price

71 Normal LT Walter Rouse: Bears: 2 Yrs, 5.4M Salary, 3.4M Bonus: B fine contract fine backup

71 Normal ROLB Robert Spillane: Chargers: 2 Yrs, 2.4M Salary, 2.2M Bonus: A- cheap and still solid Tranquill replacement

70 Normal ROLB Yasir Abdullah: Chiefs: 3 Yrs, 3M Salary, 2.7M Bonus: A great value and has good potential

70 Normal LG TJ Bass: Chargers: 1 Yr, 1M Salary, 600k Bonus: B mid player mid contract

70 Normal WR Cedric Tillman: Raiders: 2 Yrs, 4M Salary, 1.2M Bonus: B+ good contract for a good depth piece at WR

69 Normal P Bryce Baringer: Colts: 1 Yr, 900k Salary, 100k Bonus: C I mean good deal I guess but Colts already have a punter on the roster with the same kick power who is being paid less this year

66 Normal LOLB Jeremy Banks: Jaguars: 3 Yrs, 3.3M Salary, 1.8M Bonus: A great depth piece with potential if Mike puts in the content

65 Normal SS Tavon WIlson: Buccaneers: 1 Yr, 1M Salary, 100K Bonus: D- I don’t care he costed the minimum he sucks and has 81 speed and doesn’t qualify to be a LB

63 Normal RE Jeremiah Attaochu: Colts: 1 Yr, 1M Salary, 100k Bonus: D I don’t care that Kwity Paye wants a mentor, this is a 1 year deal and Paye’s 5th year option means his motivations don’t matter until next season