Panthers @ USC Pro Day

A Twitter thread from local Panthers beat reporter:

1/15: Just arrived at USC for Caleb Williams’ pro day. Excitement is high as scouts and coaches from around the league gather to see the quarterback showcase his skills.

2/15: First drill is the 40-yard dash and Williams looks quick and agile. He clocked in at 4.35 seconds, impressing the crowd.

3/15: Next up is the throwing drills and Williams is on point. His throws are accurate and have good velocity.

4/15: Williams is showing great footwork in the pocket and moving well. His mechanics look smooth and polished.

5/15: Williams is now throwing to receivers in drills, and he’s hitting his targets with ease. He’s showing good touch on deep balls.

6/15: Impressive showing from Williams so far. He looks comfortable and confident on the field.

7/15: Carolina Panthers head coach and GM JT is in attendance, keeping a close eye on Williams.

8/15: Williams is now participating in the three-cone drill and showing off his agility and quickness.

9/15: Williams looks like he’s having fun out here, joking with coaches and teammates in between drills.

10/15: It’s clear that Williams has put in the work to improve his game. He’s been working with a quarterback coach to fine-tune his skills.

11/15: Williams is now going through the shuttle drill and showing off his lateral quickness and explosiveness.

12/15: Overall, Williams is having a great pro day. He’s done everything the scouts and coaches could have hoped for.

13/15: The Panthers look like they are impressed with Williams, coach and GM JT is seen having a long conversation with him after the pro day.

14/15: Williams is a solid quarterback prospect, with a great arm and good accuracy. He’s a player to watch as the draft approaches.

15/15: That’s a wrap from USC pro day, thanks for following along. Stay tuned for more updates on Williams and other top prospects as the draft approaches.


16/15: Just spotted the Panthers defensive staff in attendance, they are here to watch EDGE prospect Korey Foreman.

17/15: From what we could see, the Panthers defensive staff were highly impressed by Foreman’s performance today. He showed great athleticism and power, he could be a great addition to the Panthers defense.