Transcript: Colts Head Coach Press Conference

Can you talk about the development of Brock Bowers so far?

It's only been two weeks but he's proven himself as a promising young tight end. His speed, route running, contested catching, and ability to get yards after the catch has been full on display. We are very glad we picked him at #6 and look forward to seeing what he can do in the regular season.

How has Fletcher Cox’s experience in the league helped the team so far?

He's been a great mentor for Ruke Orhorhoro and Dante Stills as he knows his career is coming to an end. He is still performing really well as he's had at least 0.5 a sack in both preseason games despite such limited playing time. It may have not seemed he was worth the 14M we paid him for this year but it's been beneficial so far.

What is the status of Parris Campbell and when is he set to return?

Paris got hurt in practice and it wasn't that bad but we felt it was smart to just keep him out of preseason week 2 to play it safe. He'll be back next week to get some chemistry with Quinn Ewers and then it's on to practicing for week 1.

How do you see the competition level in the AFC South currently?

It's a very good division aside from the Texans. The Jaguars just made the super bowl and now have upgraded to Justin Fields. The Titans just added a great cornerback in Kool-Ade McKinstry and are a threat and we expect them to compete for the division this year. The Texans shouldn't be underestimated but their off-season moves were once again very win now with overpriced veterans and a lack of picks.