Transcript: Titans Head Coach Press Conference

How does the loss this week prepare you for the next game?

We can take a lot of valuable teaching from this loss. Specifically our passing game and defensive struggles will be a point of emphasis this week.

Can you talk about the development of Kool-Ade McKinstry so far?

We are very pleased with the Kool Ade man to this point. Although week 1 was a bit of a struggle, he was tasked with covering one of the best receivers in the league for much of the game in Stephon Diggs. We thought he did as well as we could have asked given this difficult assignment in his first real NFL action. Looking ahead we hope to put Kool Ade in the best possible position to succeed, we have a very deep and experienced secondary for his to learn from and his skillset will only make us better.

Can you talk about what it’s like to prepare to go against a player like Josh Allen?

When you play a guy like Josh Allen you know you aren't going in there to shut him down, but hopefully you're able to slow him down and throw some wrinkles at him. As a coaching staff we feel like we didn't do enough to accomplish that. We tried to put Allen under duress with some different blitz packages, but with a guy of his talent, plus the weapons in that offense, we left guys out there to dry, and that falls on the staff, not our players.

How has Robert Woods’s experience in the league helped the team so far?

Bobby has been a great locker room guy especially for some of our younger receivers. He has taken Jaxson under his wing and really helped him find his role in this offense. While Bobby's best play may be behind him, his experience and leadership is invaluable to our team.

What kind of player do you see when you look at Josh Allen?

Allen is a unicorn. When you have size, strength, speed, mixed with his ability to create plays, it feels impossible to defend against. He is a one of a kind player that every team wishes they could have. We feel like we have our own version of a unicorn in Malik, but as it did with Allen, it takes time it adjust to the speed on the NFL, and Malik is well on his way to becoming one of those players as well.

What were some of the contributing factors to the loss this week?

One of our biggest struggles this week was taking advantage of scoring opportunities. When you play a team like the Bills you need to be able to convert 7 points when you get in the redzone, and there were too many times this week where we settled for 3, or even worse turned the ball over in the redzone. That's not the type of team we are and we will be working on that aspect of our game heavily in the coming weeks.

How quickly can you tell if a young player is a football player if he thinks about it because it seems like at the Combine they’re all saying the right thing and it’s the job. How quickly does it take?

W** is this question, maybe im a little slow but I don't even understand what this means. I guess you really need to see the kid play to determine if they are cut out for the NFL. The combine is a great tool for strictly physical tools, but when a guy flashes on the field you can tell if hes a football player. H*** look at Josh Allen, just about everyone told me he couldn't play a lick of football, but when you see him on the field you can see hes something special

Did you scout Tyler Batty before the draft? If so, what stood out about him?

We didn't scout Batty maybe as much as we should have during the pre draft process, but we had other holes to fill that we primarily focused on. I am very happy with the guys we got in the draft. When you have two veteran DE's in Sweat and Simmons, depth at that position can sometimes fall to the wayside in order to improve somewhere else.

How do you see the competition level in the AFC South currently?

Overall the AFC South may be the most competitive division in PML. That's what hurts most about this loss, we know we need these AFC games because at the end of the season the other guys in the division are all going to be clawing for playoff spots. We know we have to bounce back against Denver next week, and every divisional game is crucial for our team's success this season.

How do you rank the biggest changes to this team over the off-season by importance? What do you think were the team's best moves? Was there anything you wish you would have done that didn't get to do?

I feel like the draft was our biggest addition this offseason. I wish we could've been more active in FA, especially after losing a key piece in Taylor Lewan. But we have alot of young guys who are taking massive steps forward this season, and we want to give them every opportunity to succeed.

The team has been very fortunate in terms of injuries so far this season. You currently have no one injured. Can you point to any specific thing you've done to keep the roster generally healthy to this point?

We try and keep all practices as light as we can, while still getting the work we need done. This 18 week season can be grueling, and it is important to keep guys fresh so they are healthy when the big games come in January.

Can you speak to the overall team health?

We are 100% healthy and ready to compete in practice and in game.

What are your thoughts about the Bills just in general as a team?

The Bills are an elite team, with an elite QB and elite staff. We strive to become that type of team and franchise. We don't feel like we are very far off from that point, but this week is definitely shows we still have lots of room for growth before we get to that point.