Transcript: Bears Head Coach Press Conference

How does the loss this week prepare you for the next game?

I think we played pretty well, got a couple unlucky bounces and a couple things we need to clean up. Overall if we continue to play the way we played I think this will be our best season yet.

Can you talk about what it’s like to prepare to go against a player like Jaire Alexander?

He is a great player that can wipe one of your receivers out of the game. The entire Packers secondary is capable of shutting people down, they have the make up speed to get back if they get beat as well. Jaire is still the best of the bunch and his abilities can be very helpful. He had a late knockout on a 3rd down that was a turning point in the game.

What were some of the contributing factors to the loss this week?

Poor kick coverage, including one of our players tackling our returner on a would be touchdown. Other factors were trench play, we were completely out rushed, and that can make a big difference when you get in to short yardage situations. If we are able to get our ground game going as our defensive line develops we can be dangerous.

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