Reality or Overreaction: Tbandit is a bust. HD going to the playoffs! What about Nef?

Overreactions & Reality Checks for PML


Webmaster is robbing us of real league content

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

While I understand JTs vision of the webmaster concept, I think the opportunity cost or having this feature is the major decrease in meaningful league content. Webmaster is a go-to by many league members as a means of not only filling the content quota, but has become their lifeline in accumulating content points. It pays well, it’s quick to do, and it pays quickly so why not right? I remember a time last cycle we had about 5 or 6 podcast series, a few team series, mock drafts, and a whole bunch of other types of content that seem to be missing since the arrival of Webmaster. I am just not sold that the league actually sits and watches all, or even some of the finished webmasters either. So to sacrifice good premium content for a few highlights just isn’t the way to go in my opinion. It’s an easy and quick way out and we are losing a lot of what made PML special- ideas, innovation, and most of all, meaningful content. 


You cannot predict the Super Bowl winner anymore

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

I think this says volumes about the quality of competition in PML. We really haven’t had a clear cut Super Bowl favorite since the departures of Mole, Kmac and KMFO. These are guys who had the potential to win all 5 super bowls during their runs in PML. Right now, the way the teams were assigned, and the way others have built their teams and improved gameplay, the Super Bowl cannot be predicted like we were to do in cycles past. You can pick from 10, or h*** maybe 13 teams that potentially could win the Super Bowl this season- and all would have a legitimate argument.  So when i think about picking the next Super Bowl champion- impossible.


Kool-ade was a steal at 13 

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

He came out as a 79 ovr 21 yo and right now is an 83 and practically is a CB1 already. He’s tied for most INTs out of the entire rookie class with 9. He also has 4 DFLs and 1 FF. Basically tied for 2nd highest ovr in the draft coming out and after pick #6 nobody over 77 ovr was drafted and even a 59 ovr TE was drafted above this elite prospect. Goes to show how clueless some gms can be. And after kool-ade the only other high ovr players picked were RBs or WRs drafted pretty early for any of them to be a steal. 

Tbandit has been a huge disappointment this cycle

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

When tbandit got the bills, there was a lot of talk about him being a contender and so far midway thru season 3 the bills are 4-8 and it looks like their window has closed so let’s take a look back at how it went. Season 1 we saw a tbandit that went 11-6 while throwing more INTs than TDs with Josh Allen. Von Miller had a record breaking 27.5 sacks that szn which lead to being a top 6 defense in total yards &PPG allowed. Offensively was pretty avg overall 16th in total yards and 9th in PPG, Josh Allen with a 83qbr. Diggs, Knox, and gabe Davis was the majority of the offense which is a pretty solid trio and crowder wasn’t a bad 4th man. But they still got sent home by 3 to the Bengals where Josh Allen threw 3 picks. Season 2 we saw another 11-6 bills team but it was a little different because we saw some quarterback play that wasn’t below avg. At the end of it Josh had 45TDS 27 INTS and a 104.7 QBR while missing some time from suspension. But once again was pretty middle of the pack being 15th in total yards and 18th in PPG. The defense led the way being 4th in total yards allowed &  9th in PPG. We saw von had a 19.5 sack szn and the young guys Rousseau & Ed Oliver put up 20.5 sacks combined. And we saw it end with another 1st round exit where Allen threw another 3 INTs. And well szn 3 they have no more von and the safety group that put in work is old or gone so they have a bottom 6 defense in the league with tbandit at the helm and Josh Allen has a below 60% cmp rate and 86QBR ,Josh Allen with a career 92.3 QBR and only 230 rushing yards midway through season 3. I don’t really see much showing he can pass the ball 


Will The Patriots make the playoffs this Cycle?

Reality or Overreaction: Who Knows

I can’t really predict this one with reality or an overreaction. Nef is a user who shows a lot of flashes and potential in games but just is unable to play a complete game and I know he started off with one of the worst rated rosters in the game but in season 3 that team isn’t the worst team in PML anymore in my opinion. Nef has a smart football mind and has the ability to play every team close but for some reason he cannot pull a win off in the final moments to save his life. Is it Madden, is it playcalling, is it the ability to play Madden? Who knows but I have talked to him a lot and I do think he is closing in on figuring stuff out for this cycle. Will it come to fruition? I hope so.. I’d love to see Nef being able to talk s*** while winning.. If he can’t make the playoffs come season 5 I don’t believe he’ll be able to use that roster as an excuse by that time. 

HD will Win the AFC West

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

This is kind of tough to predict because HD is one of the most unpredictable Madden players I’ve ever met. If he really wants to beat any user in the league I definitely believe he could. But he get’s in his own way too much and I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t want to have the bright lights on him or if he just likes to f*** around and find out on madden. Either way he has the ability to win this division this year and I don’t think it’s really because of schedule I think it’s more so with him stepping up. He has 4 games left and I think he’ll be able to secure a win in every game besides the Bucs game. He could potentially drop more games who KNOWS it’s HD. But I can see him pulling out 3 wins out of the 4 which will allow him to finish 10-7 and confirmed a playoff spot or a division victory.


AFC East is living great.

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

We got guys with great teams who are under .500, meaning that they can get 10 CONTENT POINTS each time they win a game WHILE still being in the race to win the division. Talk about a great situation right? Now we may see some AFC East teams start turning it on now all of sudden to make a run while they can get content points. Should there be a rule suggested for divisions with all teams under .500? Racking up content points while being able to still win the division is wild. 

Without abilities there would be a h*** of a lot of changes through PML.

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

This is true, and I think this is the biggest factor for those guys with velocity ability QBs. Being able to fit a pass in any window is literally crazy. We’ve seen guys turn into competitors with it and return to the middle of the pack without them. The league would definitely be different and who knows how the PML standings would turn out to be. Without a doubt though, there would be some major changes.