Reality or Overreaction: Season 4 and 5 don’t count bro. More ‘Nef has arrived reactions’

Overreactions & Reality Checks for PML


This “its season 4 and 5, nobody cares anymore bro” narrative has to stop

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Since I’ve joined PML 3 years ago, I’ve always had a problem with this narrative. I’ve seen people discredit any season 4 or 5 accomplishments with a quick “its season 5”. Not cool on many different levels. First, the league is still running. JT is still putting time and effort into what we all know is a complicated system. The co-commish team are still doing their job as well including, but not limited to the insane amount of AR that piles up (in most cases). Then you have the user. Teams aren’t built overnight, we all know this.  When you put time and dedication into content and building your roster, the last thing you want to hear after you potentially dabble with some success is “its season 5 bro, doesn’t count”. We all signed up with our sights on 5 solid seasons. Why has the culture been to take anything away from the final 2 seasons? The way I see it sometimes, the users not having success use it as a cop out. If you’ve lost interest later in cycles, or the passion is gone, fine, maybe excuse yourself from the league for the remainder of the cycle.  But don’t ruin the experience for the others who are still invested and playing until the end. Keep it up and maybe 3-4 seasons would be the new norm for a cycle if we can’t appreciate anything beyond the 3rd season. It’s a trickle effect because in turn we lose morale, content, and everything else that excites us early in the cycle. Let’s end this stupid narrative and appreciate the league and everyone’s accomplishments til the very end. 


Nef has turned it around: Reality

Nef has come up with some impressive wins recently and his offense is looking better than it ever has in the past. Caleb Williams has jumped up to a 90 overall and the receivers and running backs are progressing nicely as well. The corners are elite, so if he is able to get his defensive line to generate more pressure I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Patriots in the playoffs next year

PML is feeling more like the NFL: Reality

Any given Sunday is something we hear all the time from analysts, and any given advance is what we should start saying in Pml. Maybe it’s because it’s March but there are so many unpredictable games and results this season, more than I feel like I have ever seen. There is much more parity, and I feel like there are multiple reasons for that.

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