Reality or Overreaction: Lamar Jackson injury scenario is just what PML needs. KC Mahomes on the bench is a huge integrity issue PML isn’t ready for.

Overreactions & Reality Checks for PML


Mali will get lifetime heat if he doesn’t start and play Pat Mahomes

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Now in the spirit of fairness, I must address this. It wasn’t too long ago I was on HDs neck about potentially benching Justin Herbert to save his XF development trait. So I must hold my stance when it comes to other users who may potentially abuse a loophole in our rules. I am not a fan of what is going on with the benching of Pat Mahomes this season. HD showed a great deal of integrity and courage playing Justin Herbert for the final three games because in the end- it was not only the right thing to do- it was the only thing to do. You cannot justify benching your superstar xf quarterback the final 3-4 games of the season to exploit a league rule. This will bring a particular heat and will allow members to question ones character quite honestly to the point of no coming back. Dlloyd played Kyler Murray into the ground, HD played Herbert nearly to star dev, and others have lost a superstar QB dev, but in the end they upheld the integrity of PML. Some will lose devs on black Monday, while others will forfeit the opportunity for a dev due to this situation as Mahomes will hold onto one of the XF spots (undeserving of course).  Either the rule has to go and we leave it up to the Madden gods, or we need to calculate the interceptions on a per game basis at the end of season to avoid this scenario that was ultimately going to play out. Either way, just as I spoke up on HD doing the right thing, Mali I totally expect you to do the same as well in the name of integrity most of all, self-accountability

The league needs more injuries like the Lamar Jackson season ending one

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Sorry Keraun, I even told you in the DM I hated seeing you go into the playoffs not in full strength- but these are the types of storyline and pendulum shifts the league needs. It’s fun, it’s juicy, and it creates an exciting story within our virtual world. I have always advocated for increasing injuries- as I am a big fan of the next man up and build your bench mentality.  Very rarely so we see a QB injury, nevermind one of this magnitude that basically changes the landscape of the AFC playoff picture. I’d like to see more of it, it’s real, it’s sim, and it brings another element of the Sunday experience that I think CFMs are missing. I hate it had to be you, but it gives more of a reason to watch and see what you can do with this backup QB in the playoffs. Are we destined for an unbelievable cinderella story? Or did it just shoot your season down in its tracks? These are the narratives we need!


The Browns Should Start Next Cycle With A Consistent Playoff Coach: Reality

The Browns haven’t made the playoffs in PML since I don’t even know when. I don’t know how many teams have had struggles like this over cycles. This cycle seems like it is already a lost cause. Next year the Browns will still be missing their pick to start the cycle, and Deshaun Watson’s contract will trouble that team for years. They need someone who can keep the team afloat. We are seeing DK do that this cycle with the LA Rams, keeping them in the playoffs with a team of stars and scrubs, after starting with not many resources. 

Defenses are getting figured out: Reality

When Madden 23 came out it felt like a very defensive Madden, especially compared to last year. Now that we are halfway through M23 people are starting to figure out the ways to improve their offense to counter the defense we saw to start the year. Scoring is increasing league wide, having multiple shootouts each week. Defense is still necessary, as in the playoffs teams will need to be able to win any way possible, and not every game can be a shoot out. 


The AFC East will be a 4 team race next year: Reality

Some would say i’m crazy but the way things have played out over the course of the last season and a half the Afc East will be a free for all as there will be no true favorite. The Bills have fallen off, the Dolphins are checked out and the Jets are the Jets, all while the Patriots have gotten better by leaps and bounds adding that star QB that everyone would like to have. The offseason will be very interesting seeing what pieces the Pats add because if they add anymore superstar pieces watch out for the East. Caleb Williams single handedly turning around the Pats franchise should not go unnoticed. I’d like to go out on a limb here and say there won’t be a back to back division winner for seasons 3 through 5.

The Texans will be a one and done: Reality

Drama has had a nice comeback season after stinking it up in his first season back in the fold in Pml. He was questioned for all his moves but has bounced back nicely showing that those moves were not all bad and have him potentially winning his division despite it all. This season was nice and all but I don’t like the energy from drama heading into the playoffs. When you rarely make the playoffs you better be grateful for whoever you play and not be worrying about losing games to avoid certain matchups, if you’re that dude you should be looking forward to any matchup. Drama is over here not trying to play hd while he does not match up with any of the other 6 coaches he might have to match up with. I just don’t like the loser talk with drama ahead of the playoffs. He’s been talking about adding a new playbook before the playoffs and I think that’s a disaster waiting to happen because it took him 2-3 maddens to master that potent corner/streak combo so just take it slow champ. In all honesty I would like to see drama stir up the chat with some wins but I just see him getting scouted and figured out as a whole when the bright lights are on.


NFC South will be a 3 team race next season 

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

I know this was probably said a few times going into this season but the entire division outside of the Bucs started off the season losing a lot, with the Panthers starting off 1-9, Falcons 2-7 and well hasn’t really picked it up. But the Panthers have ripped off 5 straight to be 6-9 and the falcons are sitting at 7-8 on a 4 game win streak, so it seems like they have figured out how to win. Atlanta has allowed 7 PPG in this 4 game win streak, which has all but solidified them of a top 10 defense this year and have only thrown a pick in one of them, that and Jonathan Taylor definitely will lead to consistent victory’s.  Panthers beat HD and haven’t looked back since winning 5 straight and have a real chance of winning out and finishing 8-9. The defense has been an issue but it looks like they are able to contain teams closer to 30 on this streak with some exceptions but overall just giving them a better chance at winning, and this team leads the league in rushing and has really started to find success in the passing game. 

Dolphins are free falling

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

They are 2-5 in their last 7 and frankly they just suck.The  Miami Dolphins have fallen below .500 and the jets currently have the lead. We’ve seen Leary throw 0 TDS and 11 INTS in his last 3 while only completing 53% of his passes. Corum has 28 attempts and 29 yards in the last 2 games. This offense has completely fallen apart and it’s only been getting worse and worse. But week 17 they got the pats and could hopefully bounce back and gain some confidence and dignity to then try and beat the lamar-less ravens for a chance at the going to the playoffs.  


The Jaguars are frauds.

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Probably the most overrated user in PML, hypemike himself. The Jaguars came into the season the defending AFC champions and have looked great at their best and sometimes like a lottery pick team. Last week, Fields threw INT which was his career high in Jacksonville in the turnover category. The Jags went from a lock to win their division to now a potential wild card team. They have the most up and down coach in the league. You never know what side of the bed this guy is gonna wake up on. Sometimes they come to play and others they don’t. All we know is that they have clinched a playoff spot and have looked terrible ever since. How can this team expect to compete while going into the playoffs so sluggish?

The Bills are tanking.

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Hate to see it. My guy Bandit himself is 5-10 with a super team. Yes, Josh Allen does not have the  gunslinger ability but he is STILL a threat. Ever since under .500 teams been getting points for victories, he has whooped my a** and everyone else probably ever since. We may have another AFC 90 overall team on the way soon…this time in Buffalo.

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