PML Power Ranking Week 17. NFC South with major movement as the Panthers and the Falcons climb. Cowboys fall off the horse.

Graphics: Mali

Analysis 1-16: Fallen

Analysis 17-32: Arod

Giants (14-1): A lone week 3 loss to the Seahawks stands in the way of what could have been a 17-0 season for the Giants. With two games left against the Commanders and the Eagles, Cookieboy is the favourite to reach the Superbowl in the NFC, but really, can you expect any less from a coach who put up 87 points and ran for 500 yards in week 11 (sorry Miles)

Bengals (13-2): Cammy has ice in his veins, what a real rags to riches story this cycle has been for him. Despite a 4 point loss to a Danny Dimes led team, the Bengals have a two game lead and are set to rest up the first week of the playoffs. Can you guess who leads the Bengals in catches? I bet you didn’t guess Tee Higgins. The 88 speed receiver is on pace to have his best season of the cycle.

Seahawks (12-3): Flashback two drafts ago and the Stroud VS Young debate filled the halls and I bet the Saints are kicking themselves for letting Stroud slip from their grasp. The Seahawks are 6-1 since their back to back losses to the Rams and should finish the season off with a 7 game winning streak. The Seahawks are the hotter team, but the Rams may still edge them out of a home game in the playoffs.

Rams (12-3): DK is so cold. X-factor Matthew Stafford is riding the bench despite his very usable abilities and accuracy. There’s very few teams who could find success with a 72 overall rookie quarterback let alone throw 43 touchdowns and just 24 interceptions with one. The Stafford experiment is over in LA, but don’t sleep on Staffy making a comeback in the playoffs if DJ lets his nerves get the best of him.

Ravens (11-4): Lamar 96 injury Jackson gave up on his team just like his real life counterpart, but the next coming of Johnny Unitas (Aidan O’Connell) put on a show this week throwing for five touchdowns against a Washington Commander’s defense that usually only allows 24 points a game. For anyone that was worried about Kingke when Lamar went down, the Ravens have plenty of firepower to walk into the playoffs with their heads held high.

Texans (11-4): Who are the Texans? Drama would have you think they are the best team in PML, but after dropping two games in a row to the Chargers and the Patriots, we are supposed to believe that this Texans team is going to the Superbowl? You can’t fool me. Drama plays up this opponents, so maybe he was playing Madden against HD and Nef instead of real sim football, lets go with that.

Jaguars (12-3): The Dolphins, the Bills, and The Colts.. These are the teams that the Jaguars have lost to, but HypeMike made his team better in the off-season and a week 18 matchup with the Texans will prove who is the king of the South.

Bucs (10-5): Chuck it up, someone will come down with the high ball. The timeshare in the NFC South might be coming to an end as we creep up to season 4. Despite a few suspensions, the Buccs are going to win the division for the third season in a row.

Colts (9-6): Quinn Ewers fell further in the draft than Laremy Tunsil when his gas mask video went viral moments before the NFL draft. 5,000 yards and 45 touchdowns is impressive for the Colt’s rookie QB but he lost his shot at a end of season dev trait after throwing 7 interceptions versus the Giants in week 15. The Colts outplayed the Jaguars this week and kept their playoff hopes alive.

Raiders (9-6): Down 2, up 1, down 1, up 5, down 3, and up 3. The Raiders haven’t been very consistent this season, but lucky for them neither have their division rivals. The Raiders are primed to ride their 3 game winning streak next week against a wishy washy Falcons team on life support.

Commanders (10-5): Superman turned into Clark Kent this week as the Commanders were all set to extend their winning streak to 7, but the ghost of Johnny Unitas had other plans and they suffered a 10-39 loss. Despite the grueling loss, they have a chance to take down the Giants next week and provide PML with a reason to believe in Sam Howell again.

Panthers (6-9): Season 5 JT…. in Season 3? The Panthers are riding a five game win streak and are on their way to playing their first pro bowl game of the cycle. The Panthers could finish the season off with 8 wins, as their last two opponents are the Steelers and the Saints. I think we may see season 5 JT takeover and win the division in season 4.

Falcons (7-8): Sitting at 1-5 in week 6 really had Falcons fans reliving their devastating loss in the Superbowl all over again. Desmond Ridder is/isn’t the answer in Atlanta, but how can you argue with shutting out a divisional rival. Ride the back of Jonathan Taylor… let him loose.

Bears (9-6): The Bears are a developing team after drafting practically a whole new team. Gee Scott Jr. was a controversial selection coming out of the draft at 59 overall, but the Ohio State product has really come into his own and the Bears have the chance to win their division despite losing a few winnable games.

Jets (8-7): Can the Jets actually win the division? No one believes so, well they didn’t when teams dropped back in August. Fast forward a couple seasons later and MVP frontrunner Keaton Mitchell has the Jets in a favourable position to ride his hot hide into the playoffs.

Packers (8-7):Aaron Rodgers really did a number on the Packers this off-season. Green Bay had some cap relief upon his retirement, but they’ve really struggled on the back half of their schedule this season. Some winnable games against the Buccs and Vikings the last two weeks of the season will foretell how desperate the Packers get in the off-season when evaluating their starting quarterback.

Chargers (8-7): Man-o-man, what a blown opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat.  The Chargers are relying on shootouts every game, and yeah it works some weeks, but there will be weeks when Herbert throws 5 interceptions and puts the teams back against the wall.  They will now have to win and scoreboard watch to sneak their way into the playoffs. 

Broncos (8-7): They took care of business against the Steelers and gained a game over the Chargers but still sit a game back from the Raiders.  They will play the Chargers week 17 and one team will end their season, the other will live for the final week. 

Cowboys (9-6): What’s going on in Jerry-World?  Bad execution down the stretch costs the Cowboys the game against the Panthers and all of a sudden a Super Bowl favorite is now fighting for their playoff lives.  The Tyree Jackson experiment is showing its downside as the Cowboys are ranked 32nd in passing.

Dolphins (7-8): Dolphins are playing their way out of the playoffs.  With back to back losses, the whole “I only sit up for the playoffs” narrative may not even have the opportunity to present itself. 

Patriots (5-10): Caleb Williams is the talk of the town and the Patriots are no longer an easy out.  This will be one of the more interesting teams to watch season 4 as the pieces are finally falling in place for Nef and the Patriots. 

Bills (5-10): Pretty impressive stat line from the Bills Patriots game.  The quarterback combined for 10 td and 0 int.  Either their passing is on point, or the defense didn’t show up.  In a year where the division was definitely up for grabs, it is surely disappointing to see the Bills with 5 wins. 

49ers (6-9): The 49ers played spoiler to HD and the Chargers week 16.  Trey Lance is playing out his final days in San Francisco as the 49ers look to retool for a season 4 run with a new quarterback under center. 

Titans (5-10): The Titans roster is stuck in purgatory.  Their stud RB is now a punter, their QB situation is a bit sticky as they cannot seem to achieve any success with Malik Willis, and to top it off, they play in one of the more competitive divisions in PML.  Bubba will need a miracle to make a final push season 4 and 5.

Vikings (5-10): Zach Wilson 149 yards, 0 TD and 4 INT in a week 17 victory over the Packers.  His days as a PML starter are likely over.

Eagles (4-11): Got taken behind the shed and killed over twice by the Buccaneers 58-0. Drake Maye threw 5 interceptions to now bring his slash line to 19/47 on the season.

Lions (4-11): The LQ hype train has officially derailed as they are now lovers of 5 in a row. It was fun while it lasted for Lions fans.

Chiefs (4-11): The Chiefs have all but wrapped up their season as Pat Mahomes hits the pine to rest for next season. Should be interesting to see if they could draw fans for the final home game with the star QB benched.

Saints (4-11): The NFC South looks just about ready to compete with the Buccaneers and the Saints may very well be the odd season out next season. They’ve showed nothing but regression since a solid season 1.

Cardinals (3-12): The long cycle continues for Dlloyd. Should be a top 5 draft pick. It will be interesting to see which direction they will turn when scouting prospects.

Steelers (1-14): Steelers lose again what else is new. All signs point to Pittsburgh drafting a quarterback and an offensive playmaker in the 1st round as they just don’t have any firepower to compete offensively. The defense is playing at a top 15 level, but the offense is absolute c***.

Browns (1-14): Maybe moving on from Vet wasn’t the move. The Browns go through 2 owners in a season as the carousel continues to fail Cleveland.