Reality or Overreaction: Time to judge the Patriots, Chiefs, and Raiders. Content quality control speaks out

Overreactions & Reality Checks for PML


If the Patriots defeat the Dolphins week 6, it will be their division to lose

Reality or Overreaction: Overreaction

I’d like this to be a reality because I am a fan of the underdog stories, but I think the AFC East is just too volatile to crown a winner this early in the season.  As we saw the previous seasons, it’s gone down to the final week of the season.  I don’t expect anything different this season, in fact, I anticipate 3, maybe all 4 teams a couple of games apart from each other to close out the season.  Nef is playing solid over the past 3 games, defeating all teams that may be considered equal or less than his level of play.  If Nef wants to take that step, those are the games he checks off as wins and then executes.  With two division games on deck, I may be a little more convinced he can run away early if he takes down the Patriots and Jets in back to back weeks.  Otherwise, I think this race will go down to the wire.  

‘Game stream’ content needs to be revamped

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

So I guess this falls under my little content quality control umbrella I sort of touch upon from time to time.  As we see an increase in not only content in PML, but quality as well, users are writing like never before, and VALUABLE content is being produced that are considered good reads or even good listens with the Breakfast Show or Prediction Show.  The one thing that grinds my gears sometimes is that users putting the time to write content, or join a podcast for league wide conversation, while we still have users gaining equal points just for putting a mic on or face stream.  Lets face it, most the users barely talk, interact with their channel, interact with the other users, or provide any sort of analysis of what is going on in the game.  So what are we giving content points out for this for?  What this is doing is giving a pass to not only do valuable content, but also the opportunity cost for the league as a whole is content that could have been done by these users, but are not because their content income is safe with streams.  What makes it worse is uploading your game stream as content weeks later in bulk like who is actually excited to sit there and watch your games with your face on there barely talking.  A lot of us are grinding for points, PML has evolved content wise, putting a face cam on and saying a few words shouldn’t be a ground to collect content points anymore. Don’t for one second tell me Cookie doesn’t pour his heart out into Redzone only to receive comparable compensation to user A who puts a camera on. I think the entire system needs to be reviewed and reworked.  Some ideas?  

  • Maybe mic up with your opponent.  That would entertain us.
  • Go back after your game and talk over the stream with feedback and thoughts. Break it down. Valuable for some users like myself or others who are open to learn.
  • If you have a Twitch following, interact.
  • Or just face cam and mic up for the love of PML while doing quality content the league would enjoy 

But do not sit there for 1 hour +  saying a couple of words, claim it as content and receive the same amount of points myself and others are getting for sitting down for hours a week typing up articles, or jumping on podcast that some may consider valuable to the league. This will ruffle some feathers I am sure, but its clearly obvious it takes away from the league, hinders involvement, and isn’t equal for those who do quality content.  Arod out. 


The Raiders need to get to the conference championship.

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Matigy has constantly been an amazing regular season performer. Some say its cause his division is weak…others say he is actually a good user. He has been knocked out in the second round 2 straight times to the Jaguars. This is the year Matigy has to attempt to make it over the hump with the AFC looking really wide open for really anyone.

The Texans are frauds

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

The man has accused PML of colluding against him getting Kyler Murray…then when his a** finally gets Kyler Murray he is leading the league in INTs. Main man drama man got smacked in the fast by adversity and absolutely ran from it. We have not seen this man in chat at all.


Cowboys will finally get to the playoffs

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

—Honestly I was surprised when I saw this team has missed out all 3 seasons, but they have been very close every time and overall have an above .500 record on cycle. Last year they started off crazy hot led by Micah having a historic 5 week run where he put up like 16.5 sacks. But injuries to the oline and tyree Jackson fell apart and the rest is history. They came back with a suped up tyree Jackson in mason Garcia and are 4-1 so far but the big part is that 2nd place is 2-3 and commanders are 1-4. The Giants has a good chance of catching up and we  might have to wait till the later weeks of the szn to see who wins this division but the commanders have a tall task in front of them trying to come back in this race and the eagles don’t have much faith in them to not finish 4th. 

Chiefs will be a wildcard team 

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

New head coach Mali took over this chiefs team last szn and has had alot of controversy since. He started off horrible and eventually benched Mahomes to finish out a 4 win szn. Then went into the draft and mainly got a subLB in styles and a generational DT prospect. And then mali traded Mahomes for rookie MVP and more DBs. So far they are 3-2 and have looked alot more comfortable. The offense is feeding Mitchell and just trying to be above 10 attempts with as few INTS as possible and as many bombs as possible to mecole. The defense has really shown out tho, this athletic bunch is scary to pass on and the Rookie DT has came out day 1 playing like old chiefs legend Chris jones. Overall trusting their defense and running the ball with Keaton is a recipe for wins and the AFC has 6 teams above .500 with the chiefs as one of them. 


Hypemike Still Makes Playoffs

Reality or Overreaction: Reality
The Jaguars are 1-4, 5 games in to season 4. Let’s assume that a record of 10-7 will get you to the playoffs in the AFC. This means that he has 3 more games that he could afford to lose. The remainder of his schedule seems fairly light just from glancing at it. He will have to won a couple tough games, but if mike is locked in that shouldn’t be a problem. The Colts will likely win the division but I expect the Jaguars to be a wild card team. 

There will be a bunch of new playoff teams this year
This season has seen some playoff teams from last year start off slow, and some teams that missed last year start off much faster. I expect some struggling teams to get back on track and that we will only have maybe 3 new playoff teams compared to last year. I think the Browns will take the texans spot, but Cincy and Baltimore will likely be back, I expect 1 AFC east team, the Jaguars, the Colts, the Raiders, and maybe 1 more AFC west team, if my math is right. In the NFC the Cowboys look poised to make their first appearance, but I expect much of the field to remain the same as well.