Transcript: Steelers Head Coach Press Conference

Can you talk about the development of Maalik Murphy so far?

Maalik came into the league a little more raw than we had hoped. He was instantly handed the keys to a brand new offensive scheme that both the QB and coach are still learning. Beside from week 1 (5int), he has limited turnovers (In PML standards) and has helped the development of 2 fellow rookies, Stewart and Helm, and also contributed to the SS development game for R.Moore. We are yet to get into the win column, but the offense is producing at a much higher rate than the Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrence led offense the past 2 seasons.

How has DeAndre Hopkins’s experience in the league helped the team so far?

DeAndre Hopkins has been more of a locker room leader than on field leader thus far for the Steelers. With the emergence of 2 rookies and R.Moore, the WR room suddenly became a little crowded with the elder Hopkins the odd man out. He has embraced his role and has proven to be a very expensive decoy for the Steelers.

What is the status of David Montgomery and when is he set to return?

David Montgomery came off a game where he was asked to play MLB and RB. We thank him for that, however we are not happy with his slippery hands as last season he ended with 7 fumbles and 5 tds. This season he already has 2 fumbles, 1 of which cost us the game. We will have to make a determination as to who will be our primary RB moving forward.