Reality or Overreaction: AFC North rules season 4. Which season matters most?

Overreactions & Reality Checks for PML


Season 3 Super Bowl contestants will miss the playoffs this year

Reality or Overreaction: Overreaction

In fact, I expect both HypeMike and Cook to be right there in the final wildcard spots when the smoke clears.  Looking ahead at their current records and schedule, I project the Jaguars to finish at 10-7, good enough to win a wildcard tiebreaker.  I also project the Giants to finish at 10-7 and lock in a final wildcard spot in the NFC.  The cream always rises, and I don’t expect anything different from these two proven winners. What if they even met in the Super Bowl again?  The betting odds for that would be astronomical, but if this were real life I’d see this as a possibility to strike it rich.  At the end of the day, these are two super bowl favorites regardless of their sub-par records right now.  Expect to see both of them on the wildcard schedule.  

The AFC North is now the best division in PML

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

Tell my boys Cammy, King, and DOC otherwise, I dare you.  The only thing holding this back from laughter is myself.  I am sorry guys I take away some credibility from our division, but I write this to promote the gameplay of you three and to shine some light on the competitive nature of our division.  You guys have created the best division in PML this season as the division will possibly send 3 teams to the playoffs this season, and not only that, all three teams, Ravens, Bengals, and Browns, all have the potential to make deep playoff runs.  I’ve said it before, the Ravens are the toughest team to play in PML.  Yes my opinion, but I stand by it. King has not only built a monster based off content, but has become such a student of the game and can exploit you in any part of the field with the weapons he is equipped with.  Cammy has been hands down the most improved user this cycle.  Nobody expected him to be a perennial playoff team and turn Joe Burrow and Co. into one of the most unstoppable offensive schemes this cycle.  And if that wasn’t enough, we gain D.O.C., who if you don’t know by now, has the culture of the Cleveland Browns completely turned around and they are now one of the top teams in the league.  Deshaun Watson, listen here, 9/10 users who took over the Browns with the #1 overall pick would have shot right to the draft to replace him.  Doc went with Travis Hunter, kept Watson, and has him playing out of his mind.  I salute you 3 and I am grateful to have you all on my schedule 6x a season!


Blaming which season it is or how late it is in the year is a cop out

Reality or Overreaction: Reality

This is a topic that gets brought up often. “It’s season 1 it don’t matter, it’s season 5 it don’t matter, we’re playing madden in June  “ etc etc. People will say one season matters more then another or blame poor performance on it being season 5 or June. I feel that’s just a cop out. At this point I think everyone feels the same way about this game. Just because you feel the game is s*** doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t feel the same way.  Mental ability plays a huge factor in winning or losing. Those who can lock in for every game season 1-5 are the ones who are usually in the playoffs often. 

Some say Season 1 bowl matters most, some say 3. Any season you win in PML is a f*cking gauntlet so don’t use the “it’s season 5” your chip don’t matter bs. 

This cycle more then ever the top teams had more of an advantage then previous cycles, does that mean we go back and say wins are invalid, no of course not. Play the games, enjoy pml for being the best league around and stop scapegoating a bad game for lack of participation. The game will always be what it is, mid at best. If you can’t get behind it now for 5 seasons, you probably never will. 

Velo ability qbs are still the most valuable asset to have

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

I asked around about doing a mock draft for current pml players. It was pretty unanimous that the top 5-7 or so qbs would be the first 5-7 or so picks. Coming into the cycle we didn’t know what we know now. These Velocity abilities literally change the game that is played on the virtual football field. This isn’t to take away from anyone with a qb like this, but those guys can and do make throws that no other qb can. That’s not up for debate. I just blew a game, throwing a pick late that an ability qb especially a velo ability qb makes and wins the game. Those are the throws we talk about that make a difference. Cammy having the confidence to throw a covered corner route because he just knows the ball will get there where other qbs probably can’t even risk that throw. Corner routes routinely get undercut and picked, but not as often with certain qbs. The game Mahomes just had against the bucs was uneven to say the least, but it seemed like every drive there was one throw that you said “how tf did that get there”. It’s not just the throws, it’s the confidence in even attempting the throws because you have that qb. We saw Mahomes get benched by a previous user to keep those abilities. Not putting your best team out there, so you can keep an ability ? Yeah I’d say it’s probably because it’s one of the best abilities you can have. 

 That’s what truly makes the velo ability qb the BEST asset in pml currently. 


Bengals need to make some noise in the playoffs

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

They made the champ game szn 1 and got sent home by their divisional rival and since then this team has been one and done the last 2 szns. Even after having a 15-2 2024 and dominating all szn, it seems like that vibe has left the building as they are fighting for their playoff hopes in a very difficult stretch to end it. And it’s kinda weird, they collected a lot of talent and even added a new WR1 ahead of chase in Skinner but it hasn’t led to anything better than their szn 1. 

Ravens need to make some noise in the playoffs 

Reality or Overreaction: Reality 

Like the guy above this team also hasn’t won a playoff game since szn 1 and also have improved the team a ton since then. Some people think it’s even the best team in PML at this point of the cycle. So far they’ve gone 12-5,11-6 12,5 and are 8-1 this szn so they could finish with their best record this year and hopefully with lamar ( knock on wood) they will get back in Super Bowl contention. Honestly pretty suprising the afc north hasn’t won a playoff game since szn 1