Transcript: Steelers Head Coach Press Conference

Can you summarize what it was like playing against the Bills last week?

We got off to an early start so with a lot of support from the defensive end that allowed the offense to ground and pound the football. Tbandit is a solid user and made a pretty convincing comeback but Murphy made some big plays late to ultimately seal the game.

Can you talk about the development of Maalik Murphy so far?

His development is taking a turn at this point as he is getting the job done through the ground. This was something that not only he has to get used to at an NFL level, but the offense as a whole had to adjust to as the remaining core guys played 3 seasons with pocket passers.

How has DeAndre Hopkins’s experience in the league helped the team so far?

He has been great taking a back seat and helping the younger guys. He is the highest paid WR in the league as he winds down his career so I don't think he is complaining much about his playing time and lack of targets.