The PML One and Only Offical, Really Late, Only Half Done, No Graphics, Nef gonna flame my a** Week 12 Power Rankings!

PML Playoff Power Rankings

Graphics: Mali

Analysis 1-16 Fallen

Analysis 17-32 Arod

  1. Cowboys (8-2): 
  2. Bears (7-2):
  3. Seahawks (7-3):
  4. Bengals (6-3):
  5. Colts (7-3):
  6. Ravens (9-1):
  7. Browns (6-3): 
  8. Raiders (8-1): 
  9. Rams (5-4): 
  10. Jaguars (4-5): 
  11. Giants (5-5): 
  12. Falcons (4-5): 
  13. Packers (6-3): 
  14. Dolphins (6-3): 
  15. Commanders (3-6): 
  16. Chargers (4-5):
  17. Patriots (4-5): One of the wildest finishes I have seen throughout my 4 years in the PML. A blocked punt for a touchdown that essentially forced OT and then a game winning blocked FG for a touchdown to win the game. Absolutely insanity.  Now all Nef has to do is ride the momentum as Codes heads into town desperate for a win in our GOTW.
  18. Vikings (5-5): Ceo and the Vikings continue to fly under the radar this season. When they were losing heavily they were talked about all the time in a negative light. He has somewhat silenced the critics as he competes for a wildcard spot this season. They leave the bye week a game out of a wildcard spot in a very crowded room of playoff hopefuls. A win vs the Bengals this week could really boost their chances. 
  19. Bucs (5-4): Well, well, well, look who found their way into the Arod section of the power rankings. Not where many want to be- but here we are. Rookie Jacurri Brown over the last 3 loses has a 3 and 8 TD/INT split. It is clear the winning formula was keeping the ball on the ground, something I believe Codes will try and get back to this week as he brings his 2nd ranked rushing attack against a top 5 rush defense in New England. Somethings gotta give- looking forward to this one as one team’s playoff chances will rise while the others will drop. 
  20. 49ers (6-4): Historically Antdawg has struggled to get over the proverbial hump that he teeters so closely on. This year has been the same story. At times he looks destined for a playoff run, then flat lines. After dropping 2 straight, their backs are against the wall as the rest of the schedule has some heavy hitters on deck. 
  21. Jets (5-5): I’ve already touched on it in the Patriots write up, but man did Fallen catch a bad beat. The man didn’t deserve any of that- nobody does. Certainly sways the pendulum the other way for the Jets as they try and hang on to their playoff hopes. The wildcard may be out of reach, but when it comes to the AFC east, I think it is still anyone’s for the taking. Having Mahomes is great and all, but the ground game is being severely neglected as they rank last in the league with only 52 rushing yards per game. 
  22. Lions (3-6): A win is a win to the naked eye, but boy was this ugly. Mayfield and Zach Wilson of the Cardinals combined for 7 interceptions in the first 13 minutes of the game. Things changed for LQ and the Lions when Dak Prescot looked every bit like a superhero entering the game and slinging 4 touchdown passes to secure the win. But yeah, now I know how you all feel watching me sometimes, it was rough, but casting it to the TV got me through folding 4 loads of laundry. 
  23. Texans (3-7): With 7 L’s in the loss column, I think it’s safe to say the season is over for Kyler and co. So much was supposed to happen when they spent literally all their money and the entire offseason acquiring the speedy QB. Drama will head back to the drawing board to prepare for season 5 while trying to salvage the Madden 22 cycle. 
  24. Bills (5-4): Tbandit and the Bills were in prime position to sit on top of the AFC east this week. A dream matchup against the hopeless Steelers, what could go wrong right? Well everything did. The game took a disastrous turn for the worse for the Bills early as they were down 31-3 in the blink of an eye. Just always seems no team could pull ahead in this divison no matter what the circumstances are. Jets lose on blocked field goal, Bills lose to Steelers. Its crazy. 
  25. Chiefs (4-5): Mali has dropped 4 of his last 5 and in those loses journeyman quarterback Trevor Lawrence has 3 touchdowns to 19 interceptions. Will Trevor be QB1 next season? Or will he find his 5th team in 5 seasons. Should make for an interesting decision in Kansas City. 
  26. Eagles (4-6): Drake Maye took a seat after throwing not 1, not 2, but 3 pick 6’s and a grand total of 5 interceptions on the day. Surely week 12 will not be a confidence booster as the Eagles travel to Dallas to take on the Power Ranking top dog and the stingy Cowboys defense. 
  27. Steelers (1-9): Steelers shock the Bills on the account of 4 defensive touchdowns in week 11 including a forced fumble for a TD return by rookie Mykel Williams who returned after a lengthy injury absence. Steelers look for their first win streak since week 2 and 3 of season 1. The bad news, an angry Green Bay team comes into town. 
  28. Titans (3-6): The losing streak hits 5 as they were absolutely lit up by Justin Herbert, whom they tried to acquire a few weeks prior, who threw for over 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. Bubba just cannot get ir going offensively this cycle.  
  29. Saints (2-7): They were sooo close and what a win it would have been. But almost doesn’t count and the Saints losing streak has hit 7 games. They aren’t getting killed or beat badly as all but 1 loss were semi-close, but the wins are coming too far in between for the Saints this cycle.  
  30. Broncos (2-7): Uf, how bad was this last loss? Ty Simpson completed 3 of 14 passes for 14 total yards and 3 interceptions. Just one pass catcher finished the game with more than 0 yards as the lucky recipient was running back Javonte Williams who secured a grab for 14 yards. Deebo has officially hit rock bottom.  Any questions about this region of PML I am always available as I am not only a member, but the president.  
  31. Cardinals (2-7): Yeah so Zach Wilson had 4 interceptions in the first quarter and half of action.  The Cardinals like the Lions made a quarterback change an inserted Will Levis midway through. Cardinals have now dropped 5 straight as the woes continue to rain down. 
  32. Panthers (1-9): Marvin Harrison Jr. found the end zone, so that is some good news. The bad news is the losing streak has hit 9 straight. And to think this was season 4 and the stars were supposed to align for JT and the Panthers to run wild iver the NFC South. The Buccaneers are doing their part and are playing subpar, but unfortunately the Panthers didn’t get the memo.