PML Playoff Scenarios Going Into Week 18

Starting with the NFC…

Bears (VS Packers): 

Clinched 1 seed

Seahawks (vs Falcons):

Own conference tiebreak over Cowboys for 2 seed

Cowboys (vs 49ers): 

Week 18 win vs SF + Week 18 SEA loss vs ATL clinches DAL 2 seed

Falcons (vs Seahawks): 

Clinched 4 seed

Giants (vs Chiefs):

Owns H2H tiebreak vs GB

Win Week 18 clinches 5 seed

Loss W18 + SF win + GB loss makes NYG 6 seed due to common opponent tiebreak

Loss W18 + SF AND GB win comes down to SOV for 5-7 seed (undecided, too close to call currently)

Packers (vs Bears): 

Own H2H tiebreak vs WAS 

Week 18 win vs CHI clinches playoffs 

Tiebreaks vs SF comes down to SOV (undecided, too close to call currently)

49ers (vs Cowboys):

Own H2H tiebreak over Bucs

Week 18 win clinches playoffs

Week 18 loss + LAR win eliminates SF from playoffs

Week 18 loss + GB loss + LAR loss + WAS win 7 seed between GB and SF comes down to SOV

Commanders (vs Broncos):

Owns conference tiebreak over every potential 9-8 teams

Win Week 18 + 49ers loss clinches WAS playoff spot

Win Week 18 + vs  GB loss + either TB and/or LAR win clinches WAS 7 seed

Win Week 18  + 49ers loss vs DAL AND GB loss vs CHI clinches WAS 6 seed

Rams (vs Cardinals):

Own div record tiebreak over 49ers

Own SOV tiebreak over Packers 

Virtually needs Commanders to lose

Win Week 18 + SF win + GB loss + WAS loss gives LAR 7 seed on SOV tiebreak

Win Week 18 + SF loss + GB loss + WAS win gives LAR 7 seed on SOV tiebreak

Win Week 18 + SF loss + GB loss + WAS loss gives LAR 6 seed GB 7 seed

Bucs (vs Saints):

Owns H2H tiebreak vs Rams

Win Week 18 + SF loss + LAR win + WAS loss gives Bucs 7 seed on H2H vs Rams

Things get simpler in the AFC

Ravens (vs Bengals):

Clinched 1 seed

Colts (vs Chargers): 

Own H2H over Raiders for 2 seed

Raiders (vs Texans):

Week 18 win vs HOU + IND Week 18 loss to LAC cliches 2 seed

Dolphins (vs Jets):

Clinched 4 seed

Own tiebreak over Bills for division

Bengals (vs Ravens):

Week 18 win clinches CIN 5 seed

Week 18 loss + EITHER JAX win OR CLE win makes CIN 6 seed

Week 18 loss + JAX win AND CLE win makes CLE 5, JAX 6, CIN 7 seed

Browns (vs Steelers):

Own conference tiebreak over JAX

Would own div tiebreak over CIN with Week 18 win + CIN loss

Week 18 loss + JAX loss Browns are 6 seed

Week 18 win + JAX win + CIN win Browns are 6 seed

Jaguars (vs Titans):

Own conference tiebreak over CIN

Week 18 win + CLE loss + CIN win Jags are 6 seed